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Virtual event speakerAre you planning a virtual event? Congratulations! Virtual events can provide continuity, inspiration and a sense of belonging in an organization. 

People crave information and inspiration now more than ever, and a virtual event can keep a great work culture alive, especially when we don't see each other face to face. I've been a keynote speaker for over 150 virtual events and found that audiences desire inspiration, content and humor. 

Before hiring a virtual event speaker, be sure you know how you intend to use the conference materials, who will have access to it, and how the content will be available to others. 

Many virtual event speakers will not allow the reproduction or distribution of their content, so you need to be clear up front about what you intend to do with the materials.

Today it is challenging to protect your materials because it's so easy for others to copy and distribute. On a virtual event format, most screens can be recorded, so you cannot guarantee content won't be recorded. However, you can limit how it is distributed. Every virtual speaker will have different rules about allowing content to be disseminated.

Things to consider before hiring a virtual keynote speaker:

  • Can you record the presentation? ( or present it for the one-time virtual event)
  • Where can you distribute the presentation in whole or in part to your members? It may be a password only set-up where only paid participants can view the virtual talk. Or the virtual speaker may grant a broader distribution on platforms like social media or your website.
  •  How long can the presentation be available or downloaded? Can it be downloaded or just viewed?
  • Who can have access to the presentation? Is it the whole organization or just a specific group? 
  • Is the virtual talk pre-recorded or presented live with audience interaction?
  • How will the audience interact with the virtual speaker? (ie- comment box, video interaction, thumbs up emoticons, polls, etc.
  • Will the virtual keynote speaker use PowerPoint?  Can the PowerPoint materials be distributed? Who will have access?

This needs to be clarified upfront with a virtual keynote speaker before you sign a contract. Also, remember you will have several virtual speakers, and it's ideal if they can all agree to the same terms. 

If you need to adjust access for individual virtual keynotes speakers, audiences could get confused or frustrated with what information they can access.

This video will outline what to consider on a virtual event speaker waiver form. I will also provide a virtual event speaker waiver form template that can be copied and customized for your event/ virtual speaker needs. There is a link to this template in the notes. A great sample of a fillable virtual event speaker waiver form.


By signing below​,​ I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the following: 

  1. The organisers may record my presentation ​under the following conditions: Also note is it a one-time recording, can it be distributed, where ( social media, website, etc. and for how long)

  2. The organiser may use my name, voice, ​biography, photo​ or other information​ in connection with my presentation ​and recording. 

  3. Copies of any visual aids and other materials used or provided by me may be made and distributed by the ​organiser​ in connection with the presentation.

  4. I grant to the ​organiser​ on a nonexclusive basis the right to reproduce, distribute​ ( with conditions)​, display, and provide recordings of my presentation and presentation materials, in whole or in part​. ​

  5. To the extent my presentation or presentation materials are protected by copyright law, I reserve those rights to myself except as granted above.

  6. To the best of my knowledge, the presentation and materials are my original material​,​ for which I have full authority to grant the rights

  7. The rights ​outlined in this Consent and Release Form are granted ​royalty-free. 





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