Sample Short Motivational Speech to Give Hope in Uncertainty

Motivational Speaker at Leadership Conference on HopeToday, we don't get enough inspiration. Issues are often presented as problems and everything is disguised as stress. Some communities are starving for hope. Learn here how to write a motivational speech.

In reality, a lot of our issues are actually future opportunities- to diversify, to innovate or to grow.

A leader's greatest job is to give people hope- your team needs optimism to lift them up. In uncertainty, spread hope. When we lack direction, spread hope, in fear, you spread hope. If you are a leader in a time of change, deliver a motivational speech and build hope and positive momentum.

Throughout the speech, sprinkle the following messages, borrow these, add on and personalize your message:

Lately, times have been tough. We have seen resources go down and workloads go up, we have seen uncertainty rise.

There are days you will feel overwhelmed, exhausted and you will want to give up. Know that you are not alone.

Remember some challenges are bigger than you, you need your team. Let them lift you up.

Don't cast blame, don't pressure people, don't give up.

Our industry is calling out for us to innovate, to do things differently, we need to heed that call.

We have all sacrificed. We have given up time with our families, we have cut into our personal time, we have lost our sense of balance.

Yet, in the midst of uncertainty, we have survived.

Know you have been through the worst and it always gets better.

You have struggled, you have stressed, you have worried...and it always gets better.

You have stayed up late at night worrying about a future that seems unclear  ...and it always gets better.

Do not struggle in silence, share your story. Not as a victim, as a survivor.


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