Sample Motivational Speech to Give Hope in Uncertainty

Motivational Speaker at Leadership Conference on Hope

Today, we can't get enough inspiration. In workplaces, issues are problems, and everything causes stress. Some communities are starving for hope.

In reality, a lot of our issues represent future opportunities- to diversify, innovate, and grow. When a thing gets tough​,​ people pull together as a group​ , and​ we do things differently​. We can become stronger and more resilient.

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A leader's most important job is to give people hope- your team needs optimism to lift them. In uncertainty, spread hope. When we lack direction, spread optimism, in fear, spread belief. If you are a leader in a time of change, deliver a motivational speech, and build confidence and positive momentum.


When writing a motivational speech, remember to have one central point built around building optimism. Usually, a speech has an opening, a middle, and an end. In the opening, introduce the concepts, so people know the journey you are taking them through your speech.

In the body of your motivational speech, Talk about your challenges, and don't sugar coat them. Appreciate your team for their efforts, show people real progress. To inspire hope in uncertainty, organizations need direction. Paint a picture of certainty that will inspire confidence.


Remember to connect with the audience and make the speech a two-way conversation. Include examples and success stories. As Maya Angelou says, people won't remember what you say or what you do, but they will remember how you make them feel. 

Top keynote speakers will inspire others through personal stories. Look around for stories of success or progress and sprinkle them throughout the talk.

In the close of your motivational speech, compel people towards action. Pull together your main ideas and complete the journey by calling forward the best in people.


​Inspirational quotes help keep your message positive and inspiring. It would be more impactful if, through your speech, you kept building hope and enthusiasm.

Throughout ​your​ motivational speech, sprinkle the following messages, borrow these, add on and personalize your message:

Lately, times have been harsh. We have seen resources go down, and workloads go up, we have seen uncertainty rise.

The last year has been a wake-up call for the importance of a healthy culture.

There are days you will feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and you will want to give up. Know that you are not alone.​ We will learn from our mistakes, and we will get stronger.​

Our industry is calling out for us to innovate, to do things differently; we need to heed that call.

We have all sacrificed. We have given up time with our families, we have cut into our time, we have lost our sense of balance.​ These times will challenge you.​

Yet, amid uncertainty, we have survived.​ ​Remember, some challenges are more significant than you; you need your team. Let them lift you. Today we need to ​outthink, outwork and out care for each other

Don't cast blame, don't pressure people, don't give up.

​Work hard and believe in yourself; you don't have to be perfect. Just keep moving forward.​

​If you think that you are not making a difference, know that you are. ​

Our direction may seem messy and confusing, but don't get distracted. Slowly we are making progress.

​As you struggle, laugh at yourself as you muddle through. Please don't take it too seriously; this will pass.​

Know you have been through the worst, and it always gets better.

You have struggled, you have stressed, you have worried, and it always gets better.

You have stayed up late at night worrying about a future that seems unclear, and it always gets better.

Do not struggle in silence; share your story. Not as a victim, as a survivor.

Keynote Speakers Motivational Speeches to Inspire Hope in Uncertainty.

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