Untitled (25)Rejection is hard. It's emotionally draining, and it causes us to question what we stand for. If your teams or even family members feel rejected, you need to boost them up. As a funny keynote speaker, I know from experience that a motivational message delivered with passion can make all the difference. As leaders, your teams experience rejection all the time. Regular rejection can tear them down or build them up.


Below is a short motivational speech I wrote to help lift people who are experiencing rejection. Sales professionals, family members, spouses, or people who are experiencing mergers or layoffs are all deep in denial. 

A leader's most important job is to get in front of people, be visible, and inspire them. Sure, you could send an email, but it won't be anywhere near as powerful as a motivational talk.

You need to cater to this speech to your situation and your team struggles. The motivational speech below may seem generic; if you tweek it a bit and throw in some emotion when you deliver it, you can inspire change.


Were all on a journey and we don't know where it will take us

Life has many ups and downs

But we must always move forward


We can do so much more than we think we can

But self-doubt often creeps in and changes our course

If you listen to those defeating thoughts, they win


People will doubt you; they will criticize you, they will reject you

Let your belief in yourself be stronger than rejection


Always tackle anxiety with action, don't let fear get the best of you

Place your passion and purpose ahead of you and don't lose sight


Your success all comes down to your resolve

Nobody can do it for you

Success takes sacrifice


Don't settle.


If you care about it, it's worth it

If it matters to others, it's worth it

If you can leave a legacy, it's worth it


When you add up all your effort, it's worthwhile.


Who you are is more important than what you do

Never compromise your integrity to get ahead


Don't let rejection or Self-doubt compromise your goals

Don't lose faith.



For a speaker to make a lasting impact, memorize the text so that you can deliver it with more energy and passion. Add some personal stories about how you have overcome rejection. Remind people of where they came from, what they have accomplished, and what's next

I've learned that the only way to improve is to accept and adjust through feedback. Sometimes feedback can be biting, but it's the force that drives success. If you do well and everything goes smoothly, there is no reason to change. We always have other problems to worry about. It's easier to appreciate success and do things the same way the next time. After all, it works. What I learned from the stand- up comedy is rejection forces you to get better, sometimes in an excruciating and personal way.

But the more painful it is, the more possibility exists that it will lead to significant change.

In times of stress or uncertainty, leaders need to step up and encourage and engage their teams.

People undermine the power of motivation, calling it trite or unrealistic. Yet it's that same motivation that put leaders above followers. It's motivational that keeps you moving forward while everyone else falls behind. We need to balance negative information with positive motivation. Leaders who send a pat on the back by email learn the hard way that its an impersonal approach that gets in the way of real connection.


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