Real Love is the Absence of a Relationship

6-Dec-14-2021-08-00-51-71-PMFeel-Good Habit #1- Love yourself and you can better love others.

Unconditional love means you love someone no matter what is going on in your relationship. Happy couples don't rely on their relationship patterns ( who does what for who) to be happy.


Love is not a goal, it's a feeling. You don't require anything from anyone to feel love.

3-3Feel-Good Habit #2- Groups are powerful, chose your groups wisely.

Individuals with strong beliefs are powerful but when we unite we're even stronger. Collective thought and action propel real change. Groups that line up around the same beliefs are very powerful.


What do you believe? Now find people who feel the same way.

When you are together, focus on continually lining up with shared beliefs and whatever action is necessary will be obvious and will happen easily.

Rely on inspiration not effort.

22Feel-Good Habit #3-Line up with yourself before you get in line with others.

Nothing is more important than your awareness of yourself. It's because you can only perceive the world through yourself. These quick assessments help you decide what you like and what you will hold yourself apart from.

Your thoughts and feelings are creating your reality more than any other single factor. Be aware of how you feel moment to moment to know what you are including (good feeling) or excluding( not so good feeling) from your life.


Pay attention to what you feel moment to moment to see how your thoughts and feelings have created your current reality.

1-Dec-16-2021-05-25-54-14-PMFeel-Good Habit #4- Focus on Love, Not Fear

Attention is attention, whether it's fear or love. The more you think about something the more it will consume your future.

Focus on what you love, not what you're scared of.

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