Point Out the Positives Around You

10-Dec-27-2021-06-45-24-60-PMFeel-Good Habit #1- Point Out the Positives Around You.

If you spend your time looking for positive qualities, life will be so much more rewarding. Meaning will unfold in front of you.


Spend one full day defining positive qualities in everything. Keep it simple. Nobody has to earn your positive assessments. Just feel good about everyone and everything in your life.

7-4Feel-Good Habit #2- Stop Keeping a Relationship Scorecard.

Stop keeping score.

Do you have a habit of keeping a relationship scorecard? If you give, you expect to receive equally.

If you're the one keeping score, you're the one setting the rules: the judge and the jury. It’s a one-sided tally, and unless you have a steadily balanced scoring system, you’ll end up stripping away context and circumstances. Keeping score makes your relationships conditional.

You may always feel like you're right and others are wrong. It will aggravate your relationships.

More significant than this is how this mental scoring limits you. It’s relevant to where you're putting your attention. Instead of seeing people’s strengths, you're on the lookout for weaknesses. Instead of appreciating people, you are on the hunt for deficiencies. It’s stress and survival instincts that drive the scorecard, not hope, love or potential.

There may be a great opportunity and potential in front of you, but you’ll miss it if you’re only looking for problems.


Think of any relationship that you routinely keep score on. Write down how you think it’s holding you back. This awareness will be enough to evoke change.

8-4Feel-Good Habit #3- Don't Deny your Own Experience In Favour of what You've been Told to Think

It often feels bad to be told what to do because people can only tell you from their own viewpoint what is right or wrong. This is coloured by their perspective which is thoughts and feeling from their past experience.

We can only do things in the moment and other people's past experience is not very useful.

Your only relevant interpretation of life is what is happening in the moment. Dragging the past or future into the present is rarely helpful.


Rely primarily on your instinct in the moment.
Take external advice and circumstances and allow instinct to determine your best course of action.

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