Paralyzed by Indecision- a Short Motivational Speech to Help

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Today we are bombarded with information. It's easy to be overwhelmed. Today everyone has a voice, a platform and were all saying much the same things. 
When your priorities are established, you'll find your direction. You may have your hands in many pots, but this is not clarity.  In life, you have a lot of repetition. In the routine, even new places and faces can offer you the same conclusions. It's all about your perspective.
Life around you is changing- but are you? Are you overwhelmed by options, or are you clear on your inner guidance? Do you know what you want? Do you know what matters?
Everything is made easy for us today with technology. But don't make decisions based on the least common denominator. Don't make decisions based on what's free, cheap or easy to get ahold of. Just because everything is accessible doesn't mean it needs to be added to your world. 
Make decisions based on what matters to you. You can give yourself to many colourful or distracting things, but you're giving away your most important asset. Your attention.  
Most media keep talking about your problems, but you want to progress. You can't move forward by staring at past problems and expecting change. 
If you feel distracted, cut off any source of information that doesn't resonate with you. Only listen to messages that matter.  If people want to tell you what's wrong with you, focus on what's right. 
You may find that people want to complain about the world, it may help to cut them off.
 You don't need that. It will stall you.  If you are paralyzed by indecision, it means you're overwhelmed with input. Most of it could be holding you back.  Only positive messages can move you forward. Remember you only move forward when you feel good. Fear is just telling you what not to do, but what do you want to do?
Many people feel confused because they don't know what they believe. Instead, they are looking at what other people think and base their judgement on that. If that message is negative, it will hold you back. Also, its there ideas, not yours. What do you stand for? What do you care about?
I used to get very frustrated when people told me to follow my purpose because what if I don't know my purpose? 
This sounds like a soul searching activity, but it's not.  I'll tell you what you want because we all want the same things.
Hope, Optimism, happiness, gratitude, opportunity, appreciation, prosperity, health. 
Does this sound like something you want? If it makes you feel good to think about it, its something you want. All of these positive buoyant feelings are so helpful. If you focus on them they will take you wherever you need to go. 
As long as you focus on feeling good and helping others feel good you're going in the right direction. 
Most people already know what they want, but you can't get it by focusing on fear, doubt, worry and anger. 
Anyone who wants to speak these messages to you, if you can, cut them off.
Your attention is too valuable
Your mind is too powerful
Your future is too important
Follow your bliss; don't follow the crowd. When people tell you what's bad, show them what's good. Understand your power and influence others of their own power. It's easy for you to be distracted if you don't focus on what you want. 
You not overwhelmed. You're just unfocused. There's too much noise; there are too many opinions; there are too many options. If you know what matters, there's not.  
All those options are opportunities; we all want that. 
We have to know what to chose and focus on what matters. 
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