Only You Know You

Keynote speakerOnly you know you. It's because only you can know how you feel.

Your feelings are your internal navigation system letting you know how well you are experiencing your life.

The way you feel moment to moment is the only way to know if you are living your life to the best you can.

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Your current feeling in any experience is more accurate than your thoughts.

Most thought is about the past or future. Your feelings are about what’s going on in you now. This is why feeling is the most accurate way to interpret how you are experiencing reality.

The feeling is about the now, and the thought is about the past or the future.

Because thought is based on the past and projected on the future, it is made up of assumptions; it's not accurate.
What you think you perceive is filtered through your perspective, unique to you and your experience. Others will see it from a different perspective relative to their past and behaviours.

Moment by moment, the way you feel will let you know how well you perceive or accept reality.

When you feel good, you know you are getting the most out of whatever experience you're having. The time flies by. Your good feelings show you that you are immersed in your experience.
It means you are accepting, not resisting circumstances.

Endorphins like Serotonin and dopamine flood your body, creating a chemical cocktail that keeps you relaxed and focused, you will have natural energy and mental clarity. 

When you feel bad, it means you are resisting your experience. Something in your life bothers you, and you start resisting what's happening- and your body gears up for stress. Your body releases adrenaline and cortisol, and your muscles tense.

When you fight anything, you label it bad and push it away. This means you are pushing away your life because this experience is happening in your life.

Emotion means energy in motion. It’s a forward motion into your life when you feel good. When you love people or experiences in your life, you move closer to them. You want to spend more time with them. Anytime you feel good, you immerse yourself into your life and drop all resistance.

When you feel bad, you move away from your life. By resisting your life experience, you withdraw and create distance from your life. This is the stress you experience.

Feeling good is like a feeling of belonging in your life. Feeling bad is like excluding yourself from your life.

Most people think feelings are complicated. They aren’t when you consider they only go in one of two directions. You can feel good or bad, up or down. You always know if you feel good or bad, and nobody else can tell you that information. It's inside you.

If you feel neutral, bored or apathetic, you want to feel your feelings and stop thinking about them.

Overall positive or negative emotion builds momentum into or away from your life. You find yourself spending more time there in certain activities or people you enjoy. You think and feel good about them, and there’s no resistance.

Negative momentum builds when you dislike certain aspects of your life, like your job or strained relationships. The negative thoughts and feelings keep you edgy worried, or doubtful in these experiences.

Feelings are meant to flow through you. They aren’t meant to be stewed over and held onto forever. When you have negative thoughts in your head, it keeps your bad feelings in your body. You stifle the flow of life energy. Stress tends to accumulate while good feelings are fleeting and flow.

Good feelings need more of your attention, and they can flourish and spread into your life.

From time to time, notice how you feel in the moment. When you feel good, relish the feeling.

When you feel bad, you know you are resisting something in your life. The thought or label you placed on yourself, the experience or others is holding you back.

If you don't like what's happening, it doesn't mean years of therapy. It's just indicating how you are experiencing this moment or situation. Analysing it won't help because it will cause you to dig into the past, bring up more complex emotions, or place blame.

Instead, accept negative emotions and experiences. This doesn't mean you have to like it; it means you appreciate that it is happening. Take whatever information you can from it and use it to adjust your perspective.

Any positive direction that feels good will help you move forward. Give it over to hope if you can; give it over to kindness, understanding or compassion. Simple, easy thoughts like giving others the benefit of the doubt or self-compassion will provide you with relief.

You're not faking it; you're feeling it. This isn't a goal to improve yourself in the future; it's a feeling inside you right now.

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