Only Look Back to See How Far You've Come

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Habit #1- Feeling Stressed? Find the present moment.

Release all thoughts about past circumstances and forget about the future. Anything leftover is now.  98% of stress is from the past or the future; it's almost irrelevant to what's happening to you right now.


Immerse yourself at the moment by feeling it, not thinking about it.

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Habit #2- Focus on Strength's

It’s hard to see people struggle; they feel bad, and now so do you.

You are not in a position to uplift others if you aren’t uplifted yourself.

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When someone struggles, immediately focus on their strengths. Once you appreciate their value, show them that value too.

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Habit #3-Position Yourself Around your Own Success, Not Other's Opinion


Other people’s perspective is a complex combination of what’s happened in their own life, not yours.

Only you know you.


Prove yourself to yourself, not to others.

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Habit #4- Use your Past to Remind you, Not to Define You

You don’t have to go backward to go forward. Dissecting the past doesn’t allow you to focus on the future.

Always focus on where you are headed, not where you came from.  Life is ahead of you, not behind you.


Feeling frustrated? Focus on what you want and believe you can move forward.

If you need to think about past grievances, appreciate they helped get you where you are.

A journey starts with a single step but it's forward not backwards.


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