On Feeling Stuck- What's Holding You Back?

Keynote speakerWhen you are stuck, it usually means things haven't worked out the way you hoped. You feel like your not moving forward. It's not just unfavourable circumstances that keep you stalled; it's the negative emotions that are holding you back. 

If you are ambitious, you like to see success; when you don't see that success, it's irritating and depleting. 

Abraham Hicks suggests when you see a gap​ between where you are and where you want to be​, it instigates a ​feeling of lack. It works off obvious visual cues sparked by your current environment.

It sees your deficiencies and nags at you because you haven’t procured your dreams. It sees what you don’t have instead of what you do. It’s repeating a narrative in your mind that tells you, you can’t achieve your goals.

​Sometimes when you look​ at your circumstances, ​they​ tell you that you don’t measure up. You don’t have enough, and you're not good enough. You want more, which means you’re currently settling for less.  

As long as you have doubt, you won’t get what you want. You’re being too practical. Possibility and joy disappear when you try to cram them into your timeline. The joy is in the journey​ , and believing is ​the​ accomplishment. Your dreams are delicious​ , but the effort and sacrifice can slow you down. They are tapping into your archaic stress cycle and calling out fear.

Keynote speaker, Do you have a Hustle Hangover?

When it comes to positive emotions, it’s never a push but an invitation.​ If you can​ imagine your desired outcome and bring the feeling associated with it ( success, prosperity, happiness, etc.) into the NOW​, you will be on your way to believing in your success- so you can achieve it.

​You may be chasing the goal's external achievement, but the intrinsic goal, happiness, is in you right now. Bring these boundless, hopeful feelings into you and let this fuel your ambition. 

Learn to love fear and build the courage to move forward.

​Most people have great dreams and desires, but they thwart their potential when they feel bad about their progress. ​It’s like being eager to board a plane and get to your destination but bullying the flight attendant to hold up the journey. ​The negativity is a waste of energy and holds you back. ​

Revive your ambition by linking it to purpose, meaning and hope. Set goals but don’t compete with others. Let go of your attachment to the outcome. Set goals with concrete deadlines; however, don't beat yourself up if you don’t reach them.

This is fear doing a number on you; it will strangle your success in constraints. Instead, cast your net wider. Dream bigger or change your course. Put the feelings of success in you now.

​You are bigger than  your problems


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