Motivational speech-Take the Hassle out of your Hustle

Bliss Out Templates (27)The best motivational speeches teach you to take the hassle out of your hustle.  You can work hard so you can feel good later or give it over to your inner bliss right now.

Your emotions build momentum and give direction. If your focus is on how hard your work is, you're always going to have to hustle harder to get what you want.


If you want to accomplish something, feel good about it before you take action.

Bliss Out Templates (22)-1-1Feel-Good Habit #2

Hustling is about future results and happiness is about how you feel right now.

The original use of the word hangover was work hanging over your head from one day to the next. It had nothing to do with the workload and everything to do with how you felt while doing your work.

Hustling can never bring you happiness. That’s because hustling is about your future results, and happiness is about how you feel in the present moment.


Immerse yourself in your work and feel good about it.

Bliss Out Templates (23)-2Feel-Good Habit #3

Imagination is Stronger than Effort.

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You can’t get fresh insight by looking at old results. Instead, give it over to hope, possibility and belief. These are feelings, not goals. They are your inner wisdom.

Rational thought is not enough to inspire. Those thoughts are recycled from previous experiences and marred with past results.

If you want the same results, that’s great, but you need to imagine if you're going to go beyond where you're at now.

The surprising insight will emerge when you give your thoughts rest and zoom in on inner passion.


Move any problem you have forward with steady inspiration.

Bliss Out Templates (21)-2Feel Good Habit #4- Focus on what you Want, Not What you Don't Want

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You can’t be positive and negative at the same time. Nor can you focus on a problem and its solution at the same time. You can’t worry about the future and feel hopeful all at once.

But you have to choose which direction you’ll go—towards the positive or negative.


Feeling bad? What were you thinking about? If you can, either stop thinking about that thing or look for ways to gradually feel better about it.


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