Problems Give You Purpose | A Speech by Motivated Speakers

Bliss Out Templates (24)-2This Motivational Speech will show you how your problems give you purpose.

It's challenging when things go wrong, but it's the only way to adjust to reality and move forward.

Most problems require resolution and cause you to look for a solution.

If you had no problems or stress in life, you’d never evolve. If everything always lined up and worked in your favour, you have no desire or need to change.

You would keep doing it the way you do it because it works. Eventually, though, you would start to slide back because you're not evolving. It’s because the world around you is growing and you are not.

Problems and conflict are a way of adjusting your perspective and action to what's happening. Life will carry forward whether you like it or not; you either go with it or fight it.

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You're meant to move forward and keep creating new constantly. The best way to do this is to notice the opportunity and new solutions through current problems.

The only way to experience something is to see its opposite. You can only see the good when you’ve seen the bad. You can only discover what you like from what you don’t like.

You don’t know love until you’ve had the fear

You don’t know happiness until you experience sadness.

You don’t know a solution until you experience the problem.

You need one to see the other side
If there were no problems, we’d have no purpose

Lawyers would have no job if there were no conflict. Drs would have no role if there were no illness.

You can’t have hope until you’ve had pain
You can’t have belief until you’ve had a doubt
You won’t know your strengths until you’ve seen your weaknesses.

We’d never have to fight with dire circumstances if we understood this. We’d never have to argue with others to prove we’re right.

It’s because every perspective or experience is just giving us information to inform creativity. When things don’t work the way, we want we’d use that experience to evolve.

When stress happens, we’d see opportunities, not problems.

The best way to live your life is to accept everything that happens to you. Relate to it and use it to clarify your desires and adjust your path.

Instead of attaching your hope to outcomes and results, rather, believe.

If you can get your direction right -you're always moving forward and not being held back by doubt.

Now, reach a good feeling every moment, and you know you're moving forward. This is enjoying the journey on the way to the destination.

Goals are about the future, based on outcomes or predictions from the past. It's not reality. You need to keep adjusting your made-up plan to reality and observe how it all plays out.

If you get attached to the outcome, it can hold you back because now that focus means your not seeing the whole picture.

Goals cause you to narrowly focus on what you want and push away what you don't want. But it means your missing the big picture. This information is valuable and necessary to move forward.

Line up with your goals by feeling good about them in the present moment. Keep observing your emotion and adjusting when you feel bad by appreciating what's happening.
Once you catch the scent of opportunity in doubt, things will start to move forward.

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