Motivational Speech on Compassion & Love

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Motivational Speech on Compassion & Love.

Compassion feels another's suffering as your own. If they feel sad, you feel the sadness. Just like you try to relieve your pain, you will feel the tug to alleviate their pain.

This means that you are constantly experiencing your stress but also absorbing the pain of others. What we all need more than any advice or help is to be loved or seen. By seeing yourself, you see others. By loving yourself, you love others.

See through the suffering of others and see the love and hope buried beneath all human experience.

Studies show that when you help others, you help yourself. It’s because focusing on someone else takes attention off yourself.

It’s relieving to take the focus off your problems. You are temporarily rid of worry about yourself. This same experience can happen when you are immersed in what you're doing and forget about yourself. If you are depressed, focus on something other than yourself. 

To inspire others, you have to be inspired. You can’t lift people when you're frustrated with the same things they are. This is authentic leadership. It’s not a title or job description.

It’s not what you do. It’s who you are.

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It’s the essence of your being, the change you want to see. It often seems like other people hold us back, but we hold ourselves back and use others as the reason. See the Love in yourself and others instead.

Love keeps you whole; it allows you to stay in yourself. 

You don’t run from love. You love it. You run from fear. Passion will enable you to be here now, and fear makes you chase the past and future. Love will keep you whole.

When you care about something, you want to protect it. It can mean you add layers of rules, controls, and opinions. The added layers of management and ideals obscure the thing you care about so much that it no longer even represents its proper form.

Now you end up complicating what was never confused. The things you love and care about are simple -stay close to the simplicity and reality of things that matter. 

 Some people unconsciously believe kindness is a weakness because you put aside your agenda for someone else. Kindness is a state of being which is your true nature. Kindness means understanding the situation instead of battling. 

To simplify it, conflict means stress, and kindness means happiness. Your weakness is conflict because stress weakens you. Your strength is kindness because it keeps you whole.

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