Tips to Handle Public Scrutiny by Keynote Speakers


motivational speechesPublic scrutiny is challenging because although you do your best, it appears that people only choose to see the worst. ​

In times like this, remember your worth. You are far more valuable than anyone else can knock down. 

Your profession is so much bigger than petty complaints. Focus on your value, not on the complaints. Complaints are opportunities to help the public understand your worth. 

Public scrutiny happens because​ the ​public ​-instead of understanding and appreciating the demanding problematic situation professionals are in - people find themselves taking a side without having enough information. 

Funny Motivation Speaker Teaches Self Awareness

It means entire professions can feel scrutinised. Doing your work is challenging when you think you are berated or unappreciated. 

Here are some tips:

  • Clarify. Let people know the facts and the unknown constraints ​professionals and the industry ​ need to work with. Reassure them it’s not personal. 
  • Have compassion despite others' resentment. To uplift others, you must be encouraged. Relate to and understand people's struggles. 


​Dealing with a Room of Disgruntled People? Here is some inspiration:​

Don’t adapt to the energy in the room​; influence the energy in the room. Most people are a bit of a mixed bag regarding emotion and thought. 

You can enter a room with the intention of uplifting others. It’s not your goal to make others happy but to radiate your happiness. It will catch on quickly.

This is an actual influence. 

It’s not force or manipulation; it's an inspiration. 

​Taking a polarised view in a conflict never helps.

Remember, the​ only way forward is for us all to go together. Favouring one group over another isn’t moving forward.  It’s just allocating resources in different ways.

In time, Everything will find equilibrium whether you like it or not. 

Real progress relates to and appreciates everyone. Conflict means only one-half wins. We fail until we all succeed. 

We can save time and resources simply by lining up with our shared humanity.  

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