Motivational Speaker for Western Canada Safety Symposium

home-bannerOn April 21, 2015, I am a humorous motivational speaker for the Western Canada Safety Symposium in Vancouver, BC. Over 800 safety advocates from across western canada are expected to attend.

Safety audiences have evolved, Thirty years ago most of the audience had suffered a safety incident, so the event looked like that of a veterans hospital. Today, safety is much more proactive. In the last 20 years, safety accident rates have decreased by 50- 75% This is largely because of the proactive safety advocates in our workplaces today. The same people who come to this safety event.

Most people in this room are interested in influencing others about safety, however often don't have direct authority over them. Most workplaces feature employees who are overworked to begin with, thus it is tempting for someone to cut corners where safety can be at jeopardy. Usually it is the veteran employee who has so much experience that they may take the simple safety message for granted.

The audience includes safety professionals both seasoned and new to their safety committee, safety advisors and more. This group will make sure the organization is complying with safety rules, they will investigage safety incidents and primarily will communicate and advocate safety messages to other team members.

The challenge is most employees are distracted and overworked and view safety protocal as another hassle they need to deal with. Yet that compliance could mean their life.

I will be the closing humorous motivational speaker for the safety symposium with the speech, I Love My Job, it's the People I Can't Stand!

The other motivational guest speaker for the Western Canada Safety Symposium are Jeff "Odie" Espenship


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