Motivational Speaker for the Roughriders Health Promotion Conference

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On June 1, 2018, I am a motivational speaker for the North Dakota Roughriders Health Promotion Conference in Medora, North Dakota

The 32nd Annual event is designed to boost health, vitality, and energy for school employees before they head into the summer season.

Attending the event are educators, teacher’s assistants, school administrators, school staff, counselors, school nurses, school bus drivers, maintenance and more. Over 150 people from across North Dakota will attend the event taking place at the Rough Riders Conference Center.

Sponsored by the Rough Riders Health Association, their mission is to promote healthy lifestyle concepts to North Dakota students, school personnel, and community members to share, learn and develop plans of action for healthy schools and community.

The conference features an agenda filled with personal wellness and healthy living skills, recreation, drug- free schools and communities, personal and professional motivation and more.

Healthy students make better learners. Thus, healthy skills for the self, school, and community go a long way to promote health.

What I love about the event is it's not a passive learning experience. Attendees are expected to organize a team, identify needs of individual and group events, complete graduate credit requirements, develop an action plan to take back to the school or community, secure a silent auction item, network and be a team player.

The opening motivational keynote speaker is Joe Wiegand, known as a premier reprisor of Theodore Roosevelt. The other guest speakers include lots of topics on health, fitness, yoga, leading with passion, the science of sugar, social media and school safety and much more.

Individual health assessments will be taking place throughout the event

I look forward to being the closing funny motivational speaker with the topic Follow Me I'm Right Behind You.

We will talk about success in a multi-generational school environment. Engaging diverse generations at school today is more challenging than ever. Every new year brings students with new goals, communication patterns, work ethic. We will talk about how to alter your message to inspire and influence others, integrate generations and avoid complacency.

We will also end the conference laughing and integrating the wellness message of the benefits of humor and laughter to decrease stress and maintain sanity!


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