Speaker for the National Aging Services Risk Management Conference

funny motivational speakerOn October 7, 2016, I am a funny motivational speaker for the National Aging Services Risk Management Conference. The event is held at the Double Tree Miracle Mile in Chicago, Illinois.

This conference is one of kind in the industry where over 150 professional from over 80 organizations gather to learn, share, and be on the cutting edge of emerging risks in the aging services industry.

This group is a subset of the LeadingAge, where they got together and started their own risk management, insurance solutions for long term care. The audience will include quality managers, HR Directors, administrators, executive directors, chief operating officers,  and directors of nursing in independent living, home care communities.

Everyone in the room shares the commitment to support residents and keep them connected to the world. Healthcare providers in these communities provide activities, meal support for residents. More acute facilities also provide skilled nursing services like meds, toileting, healthcare and medical support. 

The communities advocates to help members through aging, up to the final stages of life. One of the goals of NASRM is to help communities feel like communities and not institutions. The goal is to help residents feel less institutional, respect the person and help them make decisions.

Serving people through different levels of care can be challenging because risk levels are different and challenging.

Some of the regulatory changes senior living communities face involve CMS ( Centre for Medicare Services) and reimbursements or pay for performance. Measuring quality is challenging, when it's hard to pinpoint meaningful measures ( ie- bedside manner, skill).

I am very excited to be a closing funny motivational speaker for the Aging Services Risk Management Conference. I will present the motivational speech, Daring to be Caring.... Leading a Spirited Healthcare Team.

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