Motivational Speaker for the Maine Health Care Association

funny motivational speakersOn October 5, 2017, I am a motivational speaker for the Maine Health Care Association's ( MHCA) Annual Fall Conference. The event, held at the Samoset Resort in Rockport, Maine, will attract over 350 long-term care and assisted living professionals.
The mission of the Maine Health Care Association is to promote and advance the delivery of high-quality healthcare, housing, and supportive services to meet the needs of Maine’s older and disabled populations.
About 55% of those who attend this conference serve in an administrative role (owners, administrators, directors, finance, managers), 25% serve in a clinical capacity (nurses, direct care workers, therapists, pharmacists, social workers), 15% provide a service to residents (food service, activities, housekeeping, facility management). 
Maine has a challenging long-term care environment with more acutely sick patients and an aging population. The demands on staff are higher as resources wear thin and workloads increase. Yet, staff tirelessly advocate for safe patient-focused care. This event is designed to help renew, refresh, educate and boost resiliency. 
This is MHCA's largest event. The conference agenda is packed with great speakers. The other motivational speakers at the event are Lee Woodruff, co-author of the best-selling book, In an Instant. The book chronicles her husband Bob's recovery following his roadside bombing injury in Iraq. Her passionate motivational speech is titled The Unsung Hero: The Caregiver.
Next, Funny Motivational speaker, Jonathan Fanning will share his humorous frying pan moments. His compelling message helps audiences understand, Who they are Helping Others Become. 
The three-day event is packed full of guest speakers on topics ranging from motivational, end of life care, patient safety, the impact of technology on patient care, customer service, managing different personalities and more.
I look forward to being the closing funny motivational speaker with the program, Lighten Up & Laugh for Healthcare Professionals.

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