Motivational Speaker for the Indiana Michigan Power Safety Meetings


Safety motivational speakerOn January 17- 18, 2018, I am a safety motivational speaker for the Indiana Michigan Power ( I&M) safety Meeting(s).

Indiana Michigan Power provides reliable, affordable 24/7 energy to the Indiana, Michigan area. I will speak at two regional meetings in both Fort Wayne and Muncie Indiana.

The audience is comprised mostly of linemen, customer design technicians, engineers, administration, and management.

Linemen spend their days working mostly outside helping their community( and customers) get and restore power. Often working with a small crew, they work in bucket trucks on overhead lines, changing out poles, servicing and upgrading wires. Also in the audience will be linemen who work with and upgrade underground wires.

After speaking with several people at I&M, it is clear that safety is an absolute priority. In terms of safety, 2017 has been a particularly great year with low or no injuries or accidents. A goal of these safety meeting is to celebrate this accomplishment and hand out safety awards.

Safety is a proactive and integral part of everyone's job at I&M. Many safety programs try to scare you into compliance- It's all about following rules and avoiding injuries and accidents.

At I&M, along with customer service,  it's the most important part of the job. Safety trumps everything- if a job takes longer to complete the safety aspect is always the priority. For a lineman, every shift starts and ends with safety. There is a lot of paperwork and accountability where is safety is concerned.

This tight-knit group of men who spend a lot of time together, often away from family, their team becomes their family.

It's hard for people to connect to rules, paperwork, processes and regulations. Instead, we are going to inject a little bit of excitement, humor and engagment into safety.

I look forward to serving as a funny motivational speaker for the Indiana Michigan Power Safety Meeting. I will present the speech, This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me! How to Navigate the Future with Enthusiasm and Vigor. I will be discussing how to create and sustain a positive safety culture. How to influence others,  sustain safety and how to stay spirited and resilient through stress and change.

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