Motivational Speaker for Credit Union National Sales Meeting

funny motivational speakerOn March 7, 2017, I was a motivational speaker for a large credit union National Sales Meeting.
The meeting, held at the OMNI Atlanta will bring credit union Financial Advisors from across North America together to celebrate success, learn and grow.
Credit union financial advisors help credit union members strengthen their financial future by helping them protect, invest and plan for the future.
Financial advisors work with members through the different stages of life to protect or create financial stability. Thus, Credit union advisors work with members going through a lot of change including death in the family, retirement planning, illness, divorce and more.
Ultimately any significant life change can alter a member's financial position, and these changes can put their future in jeopardy if they are not planned for. Also, financial decisions are often very emotionally charged ones, having a trusted advisor helps neutralize emotions and make solid financial decisions.
Credit Unions are unique because they are non-profit and owned by its members. Credit unions are different from mainstream banks because they operate under a mission to be community-oriented and serve people.
The financial advisors I interviewed speak passionately about their work. They feel grateful for the opportunity to serve others; they feel their work is constantly evolving, and it continues to offer a lot of challenge.
Working with an advisor, credit union members get peace of mind knowing their finances are being professionally managed and they don't have to worry about it. 
There has also been a lot of change in the demand for technology in the financial industry. Clients request access to accounts 24/7,  along with the ability to pay bills and more. Advisors need to integrate this technology and engage clients in appropriate solutions.
My breakout session is, This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me! Navigate the Future with Enthusiasm and Vigor. We engaged in a lively, humorous discussion about how to influence others and navigate in an uncertain future.
This audience was hungry to learn about change and how to continually influence others.
This speaking engagement was booked by the National Speaker Bureau. Looking to Hire a Motivational Speaker? Call Brian at the National Speakers Bureau.

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