Motivational Speaker for Southern Alberta Region Service providers


On October 5, 2016 I am a funny motivational speaker for the Southern Alberta Regional Service Providers Conference. This 30th Anniversary celebration will bring together executive directors and staff members from 22 organizations that provide support for adults with developmental disabilities in alberta.

The groups mandate is to support community members with disabilities and others with barriers to independent living. 

The program, called Persons with Developmental Disabilities ( PDD) is funded by the alberta government.

PDD funds provide services in three primary areas:

  1. Community Living Supports – staff to help you in your home. Includes overnight staff residents, support homes, supported independent living, and respite care.
  2. Employment Supports – staff to help you gain and maintain employment. Includes Employment Preparation and Employment Placement.
  3. Community Access Supports – staff to help you fully participate in your community. Focusing on personal development, alternatives to employment and community inclusion.

Relying on government support can provide some challenges. Some of the recent ones are the TDB Safety Standards, where the government  mandated to make people's homes more like an institution. The service providers, as fierce advocates for their disabled clients, fought this to reduce it's impact.

Another government initiative, Support Intensity Scales ( SIS), insists on regular assessments that ultimately can limit the clients ability to access funding. Again these tireless service providers jump in and advocate for their clients.

The group is always interested in being more influential with community partners, like for- profit organizations who can hire their clients. Building relationships and advocating for their clients, there presence can be seen at community events, career fairs, chamber of commerce events and more.

I am excited to be a funny motivational speaker for this hard working, passionate group. The conference wants to celebrate with humor to maintain sanity and inspiration to carry them through the year.

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