3 Tips to Cultivate Well-Being by Motivated Speakers

thToday mental health is a priority. People have isolated for over two years in a climate of uncertainty. The most vulnerable populations (the elderly and sick) have been the hardest hit.

I find it easier and more rewarding to talk about what we want versus what we don't want. We don't want mental health problems, and we want to live a good quality of life- where wellness is a priority. The inspirational messages below will help you cultivate wellness.

​Three ways to cultivate well-being​:​

1) Focus your attention. Don't focus on everything​; focus on one thing at a time. It's all your brain able to do. First, decide what you want to focus on and laser in on that focus. You can only think one thought at a time​; anything else is wearing on your well-being​. Today attention spans have dwindled to 3 seconds or less; we're more distracted than focused. Your mind is at its best when you reel in your thoughts and pay attention to what is essential.​

2) ​H​ave kind intentions. Treat yourself well to increase your well-being. Don't be hard on yourself. Hold a continual intention to give yourself and others the benefit of the doubt​. We learn to toughen up and be hard on ourselves in tough times. Stress rarely leads to self-improvement. Struggle ​brings on more stress. Compassion soothes the stress response and opens up the learning centre in the brain. It allows you to move forward instead of getting stuck in fear and doubt. As a female motivational speaker,  I speak to a lot of audiences about taking care of themselves. Most people put self care way down the list of priorities when they are under stress.

3) ​Be aware of yourself. You can't take care of yourself if you're not aware of yourself. You can't have balance if you aren't aware of how unbalanced you are. ​Self-awareness is important. Most people have no idea how their thoughts and emotions rule their world. Yet those thoughts are primarily fear-based and assumptions. ​

How to override your stress response

I had anxiety for about eight years, and I've been able to override it in the last few years. You do this with a lot of mindfulness and awareness of yourself under stress. You want to decouple stress with the stimuli. These stimuli are minor irritations, mostly not noticeable, so you have to stay aware when you notice any tension you want to activate your relaxation response.

​How to Activate Your Relaxation Response:​

Breathe in and out and hold a few seconds
Slow your mind, stop thinking​. ​ ​Find the ​NOW​
Apply a non-judging awareness of the moment
Send thoughts of peace​,​ safety ​and ​happiness through your body.

Most importantly, ​don't attach stress to external circumstances or people; deal with it as a feeling​ inside you​.

Over time you​ can​ encode stress stimuli with relaxation.

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