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The success of your conference hinges on selecting the right keynote speaker. A good guest speaker can create value for your seminar by creating interest around it. They will also establish the overall mood surrounding your event. What's more, their reputation can either improve or harm yours. Even overall attendance can be affected by the quality of the keynote speaker you end up selecting, so it’s important to choose wisely.


If you are in charge of choosing a speaker as well as organizing and promoting an upcoming corporate seminar, conference, or product launch, be sure to keep these tips in mind to ensure the success of your event:


  • Don’t wait until the last minute. Book your keynote speaker well in advance, as the best ones are usually booked months ahead of time.


  • Choose a keynote speaker known for leaving the audience feeling inspired and energized after the event. Some of the best ones use humor and personal stories to connect with the audience on a personal level. To truly engage an audience, these speakers provide anecdotes of both failure and success that are relatable to their listeners.


  • Tell the speaker more about the audience, their background, and interests. Understanding whom they are addressing can help the speaker tailor the presentation to that specific group of people.


  • Help the speaker with anything they need in terms of visuals, props, and other creative tools. Let them know if there is anything in particular that you want them to use or if certain materials, words, or topics are off-limits.


  • Use your company's social media accounts to advertise the keynote event. Consider adding eye-catching banners on your homepage to remind people of the occasion. You can even use this platform to share some interesting things about your speakers, as well as pictures and links to their YouTube or social media channels.


The importance of selecting the right keynote speaker cannot be overstated. With careful consideration and planning, you can make your event a memorable and successful experience for all attendees.


About The Author:

Fed up with living a mediocre life, Jody decided she wanted a memorable one instead. Her unyielding ambition fuelled her into the world of stand-up comedy, a place where she learned to roll with the punch lines and turn lifes lemons into delicious lemonade.

Jody has been a motivational speaker for over 25 years and participates in over 100 events per year.

Her mission is simple, to eagerly empower worn-out professionals with humor, hindsight, and hallelujahs. She firmly believes its not what you do that matters- its how you feel about what you do. Jody Urquhart delivers uplifting, engaging motivational speeches that help professionals cultivate a much-needed blissful can-do attitude towards fun and meaningful work.

Every keynote is a stepping stone towards building the work-life you have always wanted.

She is the author of BLISS OUT. A tongue-in-cheek insight into how to find joy.

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