Love your Job- Immerse Yourself in Your Work

Bliss Out Templates (23)

Habit #1- Focus steadily on each task and time will fly by.

The joy is in the journey; I used to hate when people said that to me because I didn't get it.

Your goals are about the future, but your life is happening every moment.

From blissing out, I've learned that we are supposed to live our lives every moment, not keep planning and postponing it into the future.


Immerse yourself in what you do while you do it.

Remove plans from the past and goals for the future, and be present with what you do right now.

You will enjoy the journey. How will you know? Time will fly by.

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Habit #2- Expectations are based on assumption not reality.

You are disappointed because you don’t have the benefit of the other person's experience or all the circumstances that led up to where you are right now.

If you can drop your expectations and give people the benefit of the doubt, things will go smoother. You will get a lot more out of this experience.

It doesn’t mean you are giving anything up; it means you are in a more powerful position to understand the circumstances and grow from them.


Take any small irritation you feel today and throw thoughts of compassion at the people and circumstances involved. You will start to see it differently.

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Habit #3- Hustle brings more hard work, not fun work but hard work.

Do you have a Hustle Hangover?

Alcohol-induced hangovers feel bad as a result of too much alcohol.
Hustle hangovers make you feel bad as a result of too much analytical thinking ( analyzing the past and future).

The original use of the word hangover was work hanging over your head from one day to the next. It had nothing to do with the workload and everything to do with how you felt while doing your work.

Funny Keynote Speaker on Fun at work


Immerse yourself in what you do and you will feel great about it.

Bliss Out Templates (25)

Habit #4- Every answer you ever need is available in the present moment.

Feeling Stressed? Find the present moment.

Release all thoughts about past circumstances and forget about the future. Anything leftover is now. 98% of stress is from the past or the future; it's almost irrelevant to what's happening to you right now.

Immerse yourself at the moment by feeling it, not thinking about it.

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