Life is an Expression of your Bliss

keynote speakerWhy not take your goals out of your future & unravel their bliss in you right now? Your emotions aren’t meant to annoy you, they are meant to guide you towards your bliss.
Happiness is not a goal, it's a feeling.
Goals require hustle and want future results, feeling good does not.


Instead of thinking about things you want in the future, feel what it would be like to have them, now.

Feel-Good Habit #2. Success is not a public thing. It's a private thing

Bliss Out Templates (31)Technology is impressive because it gathers instant feedback from others. But when their validation is more important than your purpose, this can hold you back.

You may be tempted to do things for attention, not for value. Your message may be muddied by other's perspectives and you become less and less clear on your own position.

You always know when you feel good about what you do. It's never about what other people think, it's always about your own belief in what you do.

Be clear on what you're doing and why you are doing it. Your opinion of what you say or do is more important than anyone else's.

Feel-Good Habit #3- Your mind needs a stable base, your emotions give you that.

keynote speakerAn inner belief and passion bring surety to everything. 


Make sure your feelings are working for you, not against you. The next time you feel upset, take a breath and recognize your base is off.

Take any positive thought ( hope, compassion, gratitude) and focus on it for two minutes. Feel it, don’t analyze it.

Bliss Out Templates (30)Feel-Good Habit #4-Stress is hard to manage. When you try, you will outsource your wellbeing to outside circumstances.

You’ll attempt to manage workflow, relationships, and goals. Some of this can help but it’s looking in the wrong direction.
Stress is inside you. As you focus on its cure -you irritate it.
Your good and bad feelings are inside you. Focus within, not without.

female keynote speaker
Feeling stressed?
What do you really want? Calm? A sense of balance?
Focus on that.
It’s a feeling inside you, not something you have to do.
You don’t need a pill or a cure. Calm is a feeling inside, give it some attention.


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