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Hey Climbers! How's it going? Stop right now and check in. How do you feel? If you aren't brimming with possibility and potential, I want to remind you of your worth.

Remember during your climb outside challenging emotions-  the way you feel is important. Prioritize feeling good. This doesn't mean resisting emotions that bring you down, it means loving them! Just don't identify with negative thoughts and feelings. Identify with joy and potential.


Every day you have a routine that helps you morph yourself into a more refined version of yourself: a kind mother, a loyal employee, an enthusiastic salesperson, a doting spouse. Of course, sometimes you actually are these qualities, but not all the time.

We have to present a suitable version of ourselves to please others. Most of the time, labels limit us.

At every stage in life, we are told by others who we need to be in this world. We’re told to be successful, funny, smart, etc. These are not casual influences; we learn to become attached to these labels. 

When everything you do is attached to someone else's approval, it can be draining. Your efforts will always be limited to other's assessments. Your potential is much greater than the limits you keep placing on it.

These limits just aggravate your aspirations. You are just meant for so much more.

Short Motivational Speech to Know Your Worth

Climbing outside yourself will make you more aware.  It will temporarily turn up the volume on these labels and the critical voices attached to them. Eventually, you will see how they hold you in contempt. 

You need to be vigilant and don’t let others' definition of success stall you. Filter out other's doubtful voices and look within. 

External influences obscure your potential. They are a distraction on your climb. 

The Need for Approval. A standstill on your climb.

Many people have a habit of constantly monitoring social media to see if they’ve gained ground in approval ratings. Underneath this, you reinforce the unspoken belief that unless people approve of you, you're flawed.

The struggle to win love makes it difficult to experience it. You need to believe you are loved not because of your efforts but despite them.

When you crave others approval, you will feel like a fraud. Hinging your worth on others' assessment puts your self-doubt on steroids. Feelings of inadequacy will naturally overwhelm you. Doubting yourself will take you out of your beautiful real life and into a made-up fearful one. It will stall your climb.  It will be tough to do the climb if you're hinging your value on anything outside yourself. 

Nobody has made you insecure, but you have been because you're tuned more to others opinion than to yourself. Instead of mimicking your beliefs, you are under the influence of others.

Social media has made a drastic shift in the last 20 years. For many people, our whole self-identity is carefully crafted to achieve external validation. For some people, the need for approval is powerful, making them weak.

Your sense of worth is inside you, and you must believe in yourself. You don’t need anyone’s approval to know your worth.

On your climb outside yourself, you need to stop comparing your insides to other people’s outsides. It’s not a fair comparison, and it’s not real. It teeters recklessly on external approval and hinges your self worth on others praise. It precariously throws your whole climb to other people’s external assessment. 

Let’s face it; nobody’s going to be elated that you found your self-worth. You’re not doing it for them; you're doing it for you. 

As a keynote speaker, it's my job to help audiences know their worth and believe in themselves. Sometimes adults think they don't need this; they don't struggle with confidence. If you don't struggle with self-worth, you're not trying hard enough. You're not taking enough risk.

We need to put ourselves in new situations to grow.

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