4 Elements of Public Speaking by Female Motivational Speaker

Presenting something to a crowd can be nerve-racking as it involves speaking to an audience and ensuring they are engaged and interested throughout your session. That may be easier said than done, but if you lack the confidence or you’re looking to improve, it may help to check with professional motivational speakers for guidance and inspiration.


It also helps to watch and listen to a female motivational speaker who is professional, unique, and engaging. Through her, you can pick up the key elements of public speaking and apply them to your talk. Here are the crucial elements to help you perfect your speech.


Identify the audience

Get to know and understand your audience. Analyze who they are. That way, you can adjust your choice of words and tone based on whom you are speaking to, and you can create your speech in a way that is more likely to engage and inspire them.


Mind the message

The message isn’t just the verbal part of the speech. It includes the actions you consciously and subconsciously do. Analyze the verbal aspect of the speech in three elements: content, style, and structure, and ensure a well-organized presentation to help deliver your message.


Capture the audience’s attention

Motivated speakers only have a few seconds to establish their credibility and capture the audience's attention. If they succeed in this, the crowd will want to listen and pay attention until the end. Humor is a great way to get noticed and remembered, but use it sparingly and not at the expense of anyone.


Choose an appropriate presentation method.

Your expertise and knowledge of a subject may not be enough to keep people focused on you. After all, most people’s attention spans are limited to only a few minutes. The best thing to do is to keep them guessing, observe them, and adjust your approach as you go along. For instance, one of the best Canadian female motivational speakers doesn't use PowerPoint. She only uses a roaming mic and ensures an enjoyable time for the audience.

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