Instead of Working Your Way Up, Feel Your Way Forward

5-2Feel-Good Habit #1- Your perceptions are your reality.

What you believe is true becomes true because of that belief. If you removed your attention to your belief, that part of your life would change. It's always our thoughts and perceptions about things that keep them in our lives.

You can only perceive things through yourself. Your thoughts and emotions are intimately intertwined in all actions. Most people focus on the action, but the thoughts and feelings that happen through you drive your perceptions that inform your effort.


Know how you feel moment by moment, and you can understand what kind of life you are creating.

12-1Feel-Good Habit #2- Are your results driven by punishment or belief?

Being ambitious and hardworking are good qualities unless they hold you back. When effort is driven by fear or lack, you will always have to ramp up your effort to get results.

Today everybody wants attention, and being hard working will get your attention. But is it the attention you want or the results? As long as you hang over your happiness onto other people's approval, you can't line up with the true joy of your work.


Feel good about the value of your work instead of attaching your effort to what other people think about what you do.

13Feel-Good Habit #3- What Stories Create Your Identity?

It's always your thoughts that keep things in your life. Let go of the stories from the past that you keep reliving in your present.

Be here now. Focus on what's happening in front of you not behind you.

14Feel-Good Habit #4- Instead of Working Your Way Up- Feel Your Way Forward

Working your way up postpones Joy into the future and replaces it with hustle.

Effort can never get you to where inspiration and joy will.
It's because the effort is about future results and happiness is about what you are doing right now. Bliss is a state of being.

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Feel your way forward through your day. Keep paying attention to your value, immerse yourself in appreciation for your work, or the love of your family.

Remember none of this is a goal to achieve, it's a feeling inside you. Focus on the good feeling.

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