Inspirational Speaker Poem: Picking Up the Pieces

Inspirational PoemThis month, several family and friends have been hit by divorce and job layoffs. I tried to write an article to inspire them but the words just weren't enough.

Thus, I wrote this inspirational poem to express the loss we experience when we start over. It’s very difficult for adults to begin again . . . and it is incredibly difficult to see it as an opportunity to create something better.

Picking Up the Pieces

It doesn't feel good but it's not bad

It's just the dream you hoped for that you've never had


It doesn't feel right but it's not wrong

It's just so hard to start over this far along.


Bit by bit you've slipped away.

You've lost yourself in fragments with the things that you don't say


You've bargained with your destiny

You've rented out your soul. You've lived in an illusion for reasons you'll never know


You're angry at the things you didn't do

And you know deep down inside it's up to you.


It's what you've lost and you need back

The life you once knew was right on track.


Only when you let go do you find a glimmer of hope

That no matter what the circumstances you will always cope.


Passion stirs you forward, a vitality you never knew

Uneasy restlessness suddenly takes hold of you


The stranger in the mirror looks you in the eye

And reminds you that the dream inside will never die


It's the story of your life you need to tell;

If you don't, your destiny won't end as well


There are things in life you know you need to do

This dream inside is bigger than you.


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