Important Life Lessons from a Female Motivational Speaker

If you want to inspire your employees, start hiring Canadian motivational speakers for your upcoming corporate events. Some of the best choices are female speakers with extensive experience in their craft and a background in comedy, making them more effective in engaging their audiences and inspiring change.

Having a female motivational speaker at an event can bring in perspectives that would otherwise be overlooked. Women have unique experiences and insights that are often not taken into account when discussing industry topics. Female speakers offer an invaluable perspective to audiences who may not know the challenges, successes, and nuances of working in male-dominated industries. As you watch them, you might pick up life lessons that can empower you to support your team better.


Don’t be afraid to break the rules.

Female motivational speakers know when it’s necessary to think outside the box and break the so-called rules of professional speaking. Some of the best ones don’t use traditional tools such as slideshows and PowerPoint presentations to express themselves. Instead, they rely only on a roaming mic, which allows them to be more dynamic and capable of speaking to the audience on a more personal level. Canadian motivational speakers are also unafraid to show their authentic selves while remaining professional and appropriate.


Tell compelling stories

Try watching a seasoned female motivational speaker, and you’ll realize she has mastered the art of storytelling, which is critical when speaking. It also applies to thought leadership as it persuades people to act, change their minds, or learn something new. Your stories and statements must capture and sustain your audience’s attention while being relatable so that they can be memorable.


Laughter is the best medicine.

As cliche as it might sound, humor is still an effective way to engage and bring people together when you sense that they are jaded, uninterested, and lacking inspiration. Canadian motivational speakers do not focus on issues or problems but apply steady inspiration to turn the momentum around. This way, they can effectively spark inspiration and hope with clean and clever comedy mixed with relevant and well-researched content.


Show genuine empathy

One of the reasons why some companies prefer to hire a female motivational speaker is because they tend to be more empathetic. They share personal experiences while having a mastery of what they are talking about, making them more effective at communicating their primary message while building trust and connecting with their audiences.

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