Imagination is Stronger Than Effort

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Habit #1- Imagination is Stronger Than Effort

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If you can imagine a better world, you can live it.

If you keep thinking about the same problems as yesterday, your life is not evolving. It's a continual focus on your problems that keeps them in your life. 

Instead, use your imagination. Imagining engages a different part of your brain.

Imagining is creating something that isn’t there right now. But it will be if you can imagine it.


Before getting out of bed, imagine everything in your day unfolding the way you want.
Don’t be bashful. All that matters is the way you feel.

Even if things don’t pan out, you will have the energy and vitality to make it a great day.

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Habit #2- Know What your Attach Meaning To

Most people randomly attach meaning to things. We quickly assess good and bad in our environment. Our future decisions mould around those assessments.

When you decide something is good, you appreciate it and do more of it. When you dislike something, you move away from it.

The meaning you attach to things is giving your life direction. Sometimes the meaning is not what you intended. For instance, if you link anger to others' behaviour, your relationship may fall apart.


Quickly jot down a list of the meaning you give to people, experiences, protocol etc.
Now, look at how it's shaped your life.

Some examples:

I enjoy going to the gym, so I work out a lot, and I lost weight.
I hate how my manager Micromanages me, so I quit my job.
I grew tired of being stood up by my friend, so I hadn't seen her in two years.

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Habit #3- Inhale Compassion Exhale Blame

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Your breath breathes for you and is a great way to remind you what you take in and out. Simply setting your intention through breath helps. Compassion helps you grow under stress, it creates understanding instead of doubt and relieves challenging assessments.

The only way to relate to someone else is to release blame.


Angry? Turn to compassion, and you will glimpse the other person's pain. You may discover it's not about who is right or wrong; it's about moving forward.


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Habit #4-Turn on your imagination with compassion

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Stress is for survival. Adrenaline released in your body cues you up for the fight, it makes you more aware but also more protective.

It's hard to see the other person's perspective because you become more keenly aware of your own.

Many people communicate through anger. It is a more intense way of expressing yourself.

But it rarely helps relationships move forward because you narrowly defend your perspective instead of relating to someone else's.


Find a way to relate to circumstances or people and anger will subside.



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