If You Cannot Say No, It Doesn't Mean You're Saying Yes

13-1Feel-Good Habit #1-If you Cannot Say No, it Doesn't Mean You're Saying Yes

What other people want isn't always what you want.

Today, many people want something, and we have the technology to get in your face and ask. But not everything other people want requires your attention. Even taking the time to decline an offer is consuming your attention. Remember, because you don't say no, doesn't mean you are saying yes.

We can't control what other people want. However, we can always decide what's meaningful for us.

Pay attention to what is getting your attention- is it meaningful to you or someone else?

Only take decisive action on what's meaningful to you.

14-1Feel-Good Habit #2- Be Happy, instead of expecting Happiness from Others

Joy is an inside job. Anytime you hang your mood onto circumstances or people, you dilute your happiness.

Line up with feeling good every moment you can.


15Feel-Good Habit #3- Appreciate don't Tolerate.

Wanting more is nowhere near as valuable as appreciating what you have. It will be tough to improve your future if you can't value what you already have.

Everything you have accomplished today you once wanted in the past. The only reason you have it is your belief grew stronger than your lack or doubt.

Use goals to help you improve your life in the future but continue to moment by moment value the life you have now.

17Feel- Good Habit #4- Compliment don't criticize.

You can't accept something and push it away at the same time. When you protect yourself from fear of criticism it means you can't be simultaneously open to others' appreciation.

The only way to grow is through positive thought and feeling because it means accepting change not resisting it.


Feel good about criticism and compliments.

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