How to Use the Power of Positive Belief to Lose Weight


Losing weight is great when it happens easily and effortlessly. You look better, your clothes fit better, and you feel more vibrant. However, for most people, the journey involves a lot of ups and downs. When you lose weight, you feel great; when you gain weight, despite your intentions, you don't.

Pegging results to a goal can be deflating and work against your efforts.

It will work in your favour if your actual goal is always to keep moving forward and feel good. ​For instance, if you​ have​ decided to peg that goal to lose 10 pounds. That's fine. Just keep your focused thoughts on moving forward and feeling good about your health. 

Thus, Feel GOOD NOW. Believe in the abundant good health that you have inside you. Start talking to yourself about it every day. This is why affirmations help because they guide your feelings. When you wake up in the morning, start affirming your abundant health, appreciate your vitality, recognise your body for everything it does to keep you alive. Steadily envision success and believe in yourself, and weight loss will be so much easier.

A new study shows that applying a simple mind imagery technique could boost weight loss significantly. 

​Many years ago, I was a keynote speaker for a weight watchers conference. Another guest speaker​ talked about the power of positive thinking to lose weight. Since then, I've never gone on a diet. Instead, I just set my intention to lose weight. The steps involved towards the goal naturally fall in place. Instead of using effort to lose weight, I use belief and intention. It works!

​Here's How to Use Positive Belief to Help you Lose Weight:


Imagine yourself ten pounds lighter. You are energized, vibrant, and you look great. Your clothes fit so well. People are complimenting you in the hallway at work. Imagine the journey to losing weight being effortless and fun. The pounds are practically falling off your bones while you exercise and eat well because it makes you feel so great. 

It's the thoughts, emotions and beliefs around certain foods and activities that keep you from losing weight. Every time you plan to work out or eat food, nourish your positive thoughts and feelings first. 

Use that feeling to go and exercise and feel even better. Feel good now and use that feeling to eat great nourishing foods. Focus on appreciating the food you eat. Instead of depriving yourself of food, you are using food to help you move forward. It's all about positive momentum along the way—practice thoughts of gratitude for the wonderful food and exercise that is reminding you of your health.

You will eat less food, but you will appreciate​ food​ even more. You may choose to jump on the scale and track your progress; this is great if it makes you feel good, and you can maintain positive momentum.

 If your weight stays the same or goes up, it could cause doubt to swell inside you. This means you need to relax the condition of losing that weight for now. Instead, pump yourself with good feelings and believe in your good health. The information the scale delivered is just that, information. If you take it in, you may see an opportunity to change your course, develop a new eating pattern or try new foods. All of this will still propel you move forward.

Your only real goal is to keep moving forward and to feel good.

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