What Fees do a Virtual Speaker Charge?

How to Negotiate Virtual Keynote Speaker fees
During the pandemic, virtual events became the only way to ​host an event​​Now ​that ​in-person live
event​s are​ back​- ​ virtual ​events still have ​a solid place​.

Virtual events have a lot of benefit​s; they are less expensive and more accessible​. People can tune in from anywhere on their ​laptops or cellular ​phones. Every part of a virtual event ​becomes ​more accessible when you cut out Travel​, venues, meals ​and ​hotel ​accommodations
One thing remains the same. You need to have ​excellent content on your ​virtual ​event agenda​. The virtual ​keynote speaker is ​an essential part.
 What are virtual Keynote Speaker fees?

They will range​,​ but ​most speakers are willing to cut their ​fees by 30 to 50%​. Some people even ​pay ​70% of ​the live​ keynote delivery​ ​fee
Therefore if they charge $10,000 live​,​ they may be willing to speak for anywhere from ​$3,000- ​ $5000​. Many virtual speakers will also allow you to record their content so that you can share ​it ​later internally. 
​To negotiate a virtual keynote speaker fee, 
1) Ask if they will offer a discount for a pre-recorded virtual keynote speech. This virtual inspirational talk is a speech they may sell to many different events. Because it has already been recorded, it is minimal effort for the speaker to offer it at your virtual event. 
2) Could you tell the speaker why their message is vital to your audience? When keynote speakers believe in their message, they want it to be accessible and shared. 
3) Offer any other perks like social media engagement, free advertising and access to your fantastic audience of decision-makers and industry suppliers.
4) Make it easy on the speaker regarding deadlines and accessibility. 
5) Be upfront and clear on your budget.
Keep in mind some keynote speakers are not used to presenting on a virtual platform, so ask about their virtual speaking experience. ​
If you can affiliate with a popular keynote speaker ( at a fee you can afford),  it can reinvigorate your future event attendance. ​It’s ​essential to balance a virtual event agenda to include inspirational, motivational, funny, or relevant content that caters to industry challenges. People need to feel included in the cont​en​t​,​ and they also need to walk away feeling uplifted.
When you bring people together for a live or virtual event​,​ make sure you reinvigorate ​their shared sense of purpose​.​

Especially with people working hybrid​,​ they need to remember why ​we're here. What are our shared values​,​ and what do we really care about most ​?​ A virtual Keynote Speaker can help you share messages that people are used to hearing but will hear ​differently

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