5 Steps to Introduce a Virtual Event Speaker

Virtual Speaker

How to introduce a virtual keynote speaker.
​Your virtual keynote speaker will deliver your "Key" messaging or theme to carry through the event.
​Introducing the keynote speaker is critical to set the stage for the audience to be more focused and less distracted.
 ​How to Introduce a Virtual Keynote Speaker​

First​,​ you want to pump the audience up ​and let them​ know this is engaging personal development content. The virtual keynote speaker brings content and inspiration you can’t get from a ​textbook. It’s a felt experience​. ​At home​,​ people are distracted ​by their personal lives​, and ​​I encourage them to limit those distractions​.

​2) Tell ​them why you hired​ this​ keynote​ speaker? 
Remind the audience why the topic is ​essential to them. ​Tell them the personal reasons why the committee decided to hire this keynote speaker. This establishes what's essential to help the audience now. Ensure the audience knows your care and concern for the group are genuine.
3) ​Quickly​ ​establish the speaker's qualifications to speak on the topic. People don’t want ​you to read a​ resume​,​​ so make it personal​. Find a quote from the keynote speaker's talk and use this in the introduction.​ Give them an idea of what is to come in the keynote speech. 
If you have seen the speaker before online or at a live event, mention that experience. Personalize the introduction by talking about your experience with this keynote speaker. Tying in anything personal or reinstating the power of the message will Make the speaker feel ​incredibly welcome. 
​4) ​​Start the presentation on a high note by establishing an ​upbeat tone. Make sure people know this is not more heavy industry content. It’s meant to ​uplift and support them in their job ​more significantly.
Personal growth content develops soft skills which people rarely get an opportunity to
​5) The Shorter, the Better. Attention spans today are lower than ever; most audiences want the virtual keynote speaker( and introduction) to ​get to the point. Well-laid-out, relevant content is more important than ever when you deliver information online. 


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