How to Hire a Virtual Speaker?


VIrtual Keynote SpeakerVirtual events are less expensive to arrange, but do the virtual keynote speakers have the same impact? Is there such a thing as the right virtual keynote speakers? Yes, just like a live event, you need to source the right speaker. It may be a bit more tricky because you need someone who has experience with a virtual venue.

Many keynote speakers have revamped their live performances and brought them to a virtual venue. Online I've seen some keynote speakers who are fabulous in person but fall flat on a virtual platform. I've also seen the opposite.

Keynote speakers make their living by engaging people from the stage, so it's not a gently leap to a virtual platform. As I've revamped my live keynote, I have had to alter the content and specifically consider how to engage people from my office computer. The audience interaction is different, the message has to be sharper. However, I still believe you have to engage people with energy, insight, and humor.

A live video from a ​virtual keynote ​speaker ​that catered to your audience can help remote workers feel more connected. A virtual keynote speaker is skilled at creating connections and bringing the group together with a sense of shared purpose.

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As we go virtual extensively in this new decade, event planners are working tirelessly to ensure that digital events packed with knowledgeable discussions. Thus, there lies pressure to organize a session with a keynote speaker that can transform a mere digital event into an unforgettable experience. 

However, with search engine results of over billions on google with the keyword "virtual keynote speaker," the job isn't getting easier. Nonetheless, the following tips can help you hire a keynote speaker that can reawaken the crowd ​and​ absorb the true essence of the digital event. 

Understand the Audience 


The first order of business is to understand the attendees who will be at the digital event. Covid19 has been a very unusual time for many people, as teams dispersed at home. Many are experiencing fear and dissonance. It's critical you design a virtual event that engages people emotionally and provides valuable information. Research your audience before you decide which type of keynote speaker to hire.

Spend time reaching out to people and understand where they are at. Know your target market audience member.

You don't want a keynote speaker who doesn't know your market or understand their concerns. Thus, it's essential that you consider the relevant demographics and psychographics, such as age range, cultural diversity, etc. before selecting them. 

Type of Virtual Keynote Speaker for Hire

Depending on what your audience needs, you may choose from 4 types of keynote speakers. Inspiring and motivational, funny keynote speakers, Industry experts, or Celebrities. ​

Design your virtual keynote speaker search around these terms. At challenging times like today, everyone needs motivation, and humor will be necessary to create a virtual bond. Industry experts may be able to shed some light on industry trends as we go back to work.

​Celebrities are usually a great way to boost attendance at live events. However, if the price is right​, it could be a fascinating session.

Know your Budget 

Organizing a virtual event is not a cheap gig, and can potentially drop production costs extensively. Hammer out a budget before you start building your event schedule.

You will save a lot of money, not having a live venue. Choose the right platform; I most often use Zoom. It's flexible and inexpensive.

Will Virtual Keynote Speaker reduce their fees?

One of the most confusing parts of hiring keynote speakers is understanding the full range of fee levels. Add in the virtual element, and it can get very complicated!

A lower fee doesn't always mean lower quality. Some experts are dull on a live stage but thrive behind a camera. Aim for someone who knows your market has good relevant content and some stage presence in front of a camera. Make sure you get someone who knows how to use virtual technology and has some experience performing for a virtual audience.

Some keynote speakers will negotiate their fees for conducting a virtual event; however, many won't. It's important to ask if the virtual keynote carries a discount to a live event. Because a virtual keynote speaker doesn't have to travel, it saves them a couple of days, so it gives you some leverage.

In such circumstances, you need to look at the budget of your event, and the potential ROI you may gain from it. More importantly, the depth of discussion matters when you're looking into your wallet, so choose wisely! 

Finalize the End ​at the Beginning​

If you think that focusing on just the theme of the event will be enough, then think again. A good virtual keynote speaker will conduct the session in a perfectly poised story-like manner. Hence, you need to finalize the ending of your digital event; while also ensuring that the ​keynote ​speaker knows the discussion towards the end.

Improving the Experience 

Let's not forget that you're organizing a digital event, not a live one! In other words, you may not get the engagement virtually​ that you expect​. Thus, you need to hire a speaker that can bring innovative content delivery methods to the table. You don't want your audience to sleep through the entire thing. Also, never forget the Q&A session, and mention it at the start of the meeting to keep the attendees concentrated. 

Add Value 

Some speakers would like to do more than "speak and leave." You need to cash in their online presence by sharing their social media handles with the attendees and encourage them to keep in touch with the ​keynote ​speaker​s​.

Last but not least, the purpose of hiring a keynote speaker is to engage, encourage, and motivate the audience. Each individual should be able to feel like, "It's a good thing that I attended!" 

All in all, the decision is up to you! The selection of a Virtual Keynote Speaker can potentially make or break the real purpose of the event. So, choose wisely!


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