How to Hire Safety Leadership Speakers?

safety leadership speaker

Complacency creeps in if you don’t find unique ways to talk about safety. 

Safety leaders are always scouring for a new perspective on a tired discussion point.

Add to this, some employees come to a new job with more safety sense than others. Safety training creates consistent safety awareness. 

Every employee needs to feel safe on the job. Safety leaders hold themselves and their teams to important standards.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that you make safety a top priority. Leaders feel pressure to provide awareness and educational opportunities about safety to employees.

 Employees need help in understanding their rights and responsibilities to a safe workplace. Hiring a safety speaker takes the load off your shoulders and makes sure your employees get the best instruction and advice when it comes to workplace safety.

 Effective safety days need careful research and planning. An agenda full of weak Safety speeches involve the same details repeated over and over again. Repetition tends to make employees disregard the valuable safety instructions, putting them at a greater risk of having injuries. 

Hiring a safety leadership speaker can not only help your employees understand their safety better, it can also provide your organization with a chance to connect as a group and talk about each other's well-being.

Hiring a good safety leadership speaker shouldn't be a daunting task. This quick guide will help you understand the essential things you need to get the most out of your safety event.

What Makes A Good Safety Leadership Speaker?


         A top speaker connects with the audience. If your employees don't engage, it's highly unlikely they will remember the information. The ideal leadership speaker should create a lively environment that allows encourages teams to share their ideas and gain insights about essential safety measures.

Many people feel they are too busy to attend a scheduled safety meeting 

Nobody wants to sit through another PowerPoint presentation. A safety leadership speaker should naturally understand the balance between dishing out information and helping your organization learn in a creative way.




 In your organization, there are particular dynamics, personalities, and conventions that create your culture. Nobody understands your organization better than you. 


To hire a safety leadership speaker, start by digging deep into your resources. Make a list of all available speakers that you think are suitable.

Ask for references within your organization, next do a google search, check previous industry events, and create a shortlist.

Start by watching safety leadership videos of the speakers on your list. Watch how they communicate with the audience and imagine having them at your organization. Are they someone, your colleagues, would enjoy? Do they convey the right information in a fashion suitable for members of your organization?

Safety speakers and leadership speakers usually have a social media following. Social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook are a great place to read reviews and comments.

Moreover, social media can also allow you to communicate with the speakers directly and arrange a speech if they fit the profile.

If you belong to an industry association, ask your colleagues working for an organization with similar requirements to refer you to good safety leadership speakers. 

You will also be able to get direct feedback on how effective their safety speech is and the results they achieved.


Decide how much you're willing to spend on a safety speaker. Budgets range and speaker fees do too. Therefore, to ensure that you get the right fit, be upfront with a safety speaker about your budget.

Make Contact


After you've narrowed down the list of safety leadership speakers suitable for your organization, get in touch with them. It's a good idea to invite a couple of members of your organization to decide who to hire to deliver a safety speech. After all, - they are the intended audience.

 Make sure that you communicate what you want from the safety speaker's speech. Being on the same page with the safety speaker helps them to understand your particular needs better. This helps them apply their expertise in a more focused manner, making your safety day more productive.

Tell a safety leadership speaker about your safety record, near misses, new safety initiatives and morale or stress issues, 

Take the time to make an appropriate plan with your safety leadership speaker and ask them to help you organize the information that they would like your colleagues to receive. With your input, they will be able to transcribe your expectations into a comprehensive and well-structured safety speech.


 Keep the SAFETY SPEECH Alive


After you find the right fit for your organization, it is time to get creative. Safety speeches are quite common, and employees are likely to get bored. For an interactive session, talk to your safety speaker and discuss ways you can make the event engaging through collaboration. How can you keep their safety speech message alive? How do you make it memorable?


Figure out new and exciting ways you can deliver information on health and safety> in any learning ensure that participants have a good time. Plan out Q/A sessions, do live demonstrations and fun activities that can make future safety speech exciting and enjoyable.

Hiring a health and safety speaker to come to your organization and deliver valuable safety information is a great way to make this legal obligation into something you and your colleagues enjoy. 

Arranging a good safety keynote speaker can improve employee morale and boost confidence. Hiring a good safety motivational speaker is a breeze if you understand your organization's requirements and are willing to spend some time searching for suitable options.




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