How to Have a Good Day

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Everybody wants to have a good day but most people end their day feeling depleted. Does that sound like you? It's because you spend most of your day wrestling with negative thoughts and circumstances instead of appreciating joy in your life. 

I want you to have a great day every day, and this blog will show you how. 

​First off, always set out to have a good day. Before you jump out of bed in the morning, tell yourself today will be a good day. Get out in front of your day. Throw positive intentions and optimism all over your plans. 

Don’t lie in bed and start thinking about what will go wrong. Don’t imagine your day falling apart even before you get up​. ​ ​If you're planning a bad day. It will come. 

To climb outside anger fear and doubt you have to believe in joy and optimism. It's essential to your climb to feel good.

Your mind is so powerful. Your thoughts are potent.

As a keynote speaker, I​ often​ see ​the​ common thing that holds ​audiences ​back​ are ​their thoughts.​

Positive thoughts ​and emotions ​will move your day forward. You will get more of what you want. Things will happen smoothly and easily. Why? You lost the resistance. You ditched the fake problems you keep putting in the way of your day. Worry and doubt. Anger and fear. They don’t serve you.

It’s like choosing to run around the block three times to get something when what you really want is right in front of you.  Worry wastes your time. You’re draining your energy. You’re dampening your potential. 

Negative thoughts will hold you back. They stifle progress. They make things difficult. You will needlessly worry and concern over things. 

They are depleting. They make you feel bad. 

Positive intentions and thoughts feel good. You will hold yourself in energy and vitality.  Your day can unfold effortlessly and enthusiastically in front of you. You have to believe it. Elevate. 

You can’t see how your thoughts are shaping your day. It’s not obvious that a few bad thoughts can produce a bad day. But it can. It will. 

Negativity picks up speed inside you. It builds a case against your day. Boredom turns to anxiety. Worry turns to doubt. Anger turns to fear. 

 You’ve drowned out hope and put faith in fear.

Negativity has grit. Staying power. It’s tied to your survival and designed to slow you down. You may not see this happening. But it is.  You are the creator of those thoughts. You did this you can undo it. 

All it takes is setting your intention to have a good day. You have to dial into hope and enthusiasm—dial-up your energy with optimism and positive expectation. You see believing you’ll have a good day will ensure that you do. 

How to have a good day:

How do you do it? 

First, look around you. There is a lot of beauty in your life right now. Soak it up. Appreciate what you have. 

This doesn’t mean sizing your life up on a spreadsheet and assessing its value.  Stop boxing in possibility.  Happiness flows as long as you let it. Take anything pleasing in your life and let it unleash its beauty inside you. 

Joy is a feeling. It’s inside you. Believe in its power. Any spark of hope, joy or enthusiasm is a starting point. Let it flow. It will expand and grow. It will be easier to feel good as long as you don’t start dousing it with fear and doubt. Happiness can flourish. 

It feels good to feel good. You will want more of this. And you can have it.  Happiness is unlimited. You can let joy fill you up anytime you want. Just know that it’s a feeling. It’s inside you. Nobody can give it to you. You have it already; you have to stop limiting it with doubt. 

You have this natural pharmacy inside you, use it. Positive emotions unleash many health benefits like decreased blood pressure, lowers muscle tension, breaks the stress cycle—many more things. 


Here’s how to have a good day.

As soon as you wake up, set the intention to have a good day. Imagine key moments in the day ahead of you going well. See people around you being happy. See things happening easily. 

Catch a glimpse of joy inside you and see if you can let it expand. Memorize this feeling. If you can remember how it feels to feel good, you can feel this way anytime at all.

Throughout your day take a time out to bask in feelings of happiness. Your job involves stress, and it’s probably starting to wear you down.  Elevate. Disengage in stressful thoughts sooner. Replace them with optimism. You're still realistic. Even when things don’t go the way you want, you need to set up better future outcomes in your mind.  Don’t get weighed down with thoughts of what you don’t want. Believe in what you do want. Imagine it working out. Even if it doesn't, you're still further ahead. 

You are always better off choosing a positive thought. Throughout your day, you must be relentless. Elevate. Infuse your thoughts with hope.  Don’t let difficult people get you down. They are looking for people to share in their misery. Don’t help them perpetuate negativity. 

When things don’t go your way, recognize your disappointment. Be kind to yourself. It’s not your fault, and it’s hard to feel let down. It’s okay. 

As soon as you're ready, direct your thoughts towards more positive outcomes. Give more stage time to positive thoughts than negative ones and very quickly. Your day will turn around.

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