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Team. On the outside, it looks like a plain, four-lettered word. But it is more than that. It isn’t just four letters stringed together to form a word; it stands for joint efforts, hard work, and, most importantly, leaning on each other in good and bad times. 

Many managers have a firm belief in the myth that team members are usually self-motivated, and they are not looking for attention and feedback. Well, in my opinion, this myth is actually a “myth.” People do indeed feel good about themselves. They work hard and are proud of it. They use their work as the driving force and so on. Their attitudes, self-direction, positivity, and result-oriented and hard work push you to believe this. But to say that they don’t need any bucking up or pats on their backs is the most incorrect statement I have ever heard.

Let me use an example. We all know what cactuses are. These plants use a minimal amount of water, and they keep growing. But, they do need water to thrive. 

Similar to that, every person in your team requires two words of motivation to keep going. They need to know that their efforts are seen, that their hard work is noticed, and they are as crucial to the team as anyone else. When every member of the team feels like they are making a difference, there is no stopping their success. 

Success is dependent on teamwork, a manager who keeps his team going, and, of course, communication. As a leader, it is your job to give them a reason to believe in you. To take inspiration from you, and you are the only one who can help them gain confidence. In the end, it all comes down to the right choice of words because words matter more than you can ever imagine. 

A short motivational speech to rally the team is meant to be more informal and personal. It's not meant to be flashy or fake. Just tell people they matter.

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So if your question is how to deliver a speech that can rally up your team, I have a few pointers below that can help you get started:

Start By Offering Yourself As A Person

In a small informal team meeting, the first few words that you need to consider should be personal instead of work-related. You can begin by being conversational and asking simple questions like, “How is your day going?” or “How are you all doing?” or anything that to make them realize that you are approachable. You can even ask them about their plans for the weekend or how their families are. By asking such questions, you are already creating a light and friendly environment, and that is something that they are looking for during a tough day. Yes work is work but people don't care how much you know and what your business goals are until they know how much you care. A great motivational speech is memorable, structured, straightforward and real.


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Tell Them Why They Matter

It is human nature to want to be a part of a team. Even individual thrive when they connect with community to ensure that they are connected. But while working in a group, many people feel like their efforts have gone unnoticed. Your job, as a leader, is to make sure that nobody feels this way. You are not being asked to sugar coat, all you have to do is to make sure they know that their work is acknowledged. Just ensure that they feel like a valued part of the team. Highlight specific accomplishments, recognize team progress and show people you are keeping score.

It’s a Speech, Not An Essay

Don’t break the flow. Communicate. Tell them stories, and ask them to participate. Also, give them honest feedback about their performances, tell them the company’s goals and aims, how you foresee the future. Then, tell them their roles and how each of them would be an asset to the company. Trust me, it is going to elevate their spirits, and that’s precisely what you are aiming for! 

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence gain championships.”

Michael Jordan




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