How to End an Event on a High Note

funny motivational speakerMany meeting planners design the closing session and keynote speaker to leave the audience on a high note.

They want to steer the situation so the audience can get the maximum amount of pleasure out of it. I have found this to be successful because it leaves people with energy, positive emotion and memories of the event.

However, too much of a good thing can render people exhausted. Savvy meeting planners know it’s better to Quit while your ahead.

Don’t drain every drop of fun and have people leave exhausted at the end of an event. Things can quickly go downhill when people get tired or bored waiting for the final closing session and motivational speaker.

Most delegates have an exit strategy anyways, plan your event to allow people to leave on a high point before they are exhausted. Significant events have people leave wanting more.

A Captive Audience

Left to their own devices many delegates will stay to the bitter end and leave overwhelmed to start their work week. Others feel guilty leaving before the close. Others simply can’t stand the possibility that they could miss out on something. Thus, we have their attention -don’t squander it with incessant over scheduling that can create a cycle of exhaustion.

People want to go back to work with a sense of direction or focus, so it helps to recap the event in a meaningful way or offer a colorful recap handout at the end.

Also make sure people leave on a positive note by reassuring them of what is ahead and what they have accomplished.

Don’t slam every guest speaker slot one after another and leave people with no downtime.

At a party or event, I always try to leave while I’m still enjoying myself instead of trying to be the last to leave. If you stay too long, it can suddenly feel like a burden that you’re there.


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