How to Bring Together People with Different Opinions

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Have you ever been in a meeting room with a group of people with conflicting opinions? I’m sure you have, and it's a difficult place to be.

It’s hard to develop your own perspective when everyone else clings to their own. Worse, they all seem to need airtime to express their views. Everybody is talking, and nobody is listening. Overall you may get this sinking feeling that everyone's talking in circles and not getting anywhere. It’s deflating. 

I want you to know that this is a critical moment to raise your perspective. But don't jump into the battle; in fact, don’t say a word. Just notice how you feel in this room, better or worse than you did before? Now consciously raise your emotions. On our climb, we call it Elevate. Find a way to feel good. It would help if you had the elevated emotions to guide your awareness to a higher place. If you jump in with the rest of this room's negative view, you join the battle. You will limit your perspective, tarnish your ideas of this group, and you will feel bad. 

Your energy and intention are far more important than anything you say or do. Elevate. In an arguing room like this, I would sit back and reflect on the room's common goals and try to see the good in everyone there. If that’s too difficult, distract yourself for a moment to think about a positive experience with someone in this room. Think about the progress you've all made in the past. Look at the things that are going right.

The moment you glimpse a feeling of Joy or lightness in you, run with it. Let it expand. Nourish positive feelings inside you, and you will notice you are in a totally different room. Nobody moved or changed, but you. 

The moment you take on a critical perspective, you limit your options. When someone presents you a perspective, and you refute it without taking it at face value, you box yourself in and limit your possibilities.

Just because everyone else takes on a critical perspective, doesn't mean you have to. Just like a buffet you can take from it whatever you want. Enjoy the pallet you get to chose from. Relish the diversity of perspectives. Be fascinated by what is shaping up in front of you. Differing perspectives are revealing great things. If you're open to it, you can find balance.


Your goal is to take on the point of view that is not resistant.  You don't have to resist or fight other opinions just because you don't believe the same things. Remember your energy is more important than anything else. Elevate.

Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy? In an elevated state, you realise several things. 

You don't have to dilute other people's opinions just because they don't look like your own. Your value is in being able to see the good when everyone else sees the bad. When everybody cools down and stops defending their point of view, you will find that you have a lot more in common than not.

The whole reason you're willing to fight the battle is that you care. If you didn't care- why bother? You care about the same things. You disagree on how to get there. Start with this. 

Take a group of diverse people with different perspectives and build on their common purpose. Focus on what brings you together, not what tears you apart. 

Pull in what feels good. Appreciate others' opinions. Savour the feeling that you are creating something great with others. Your power of influence will radiate from you.  Stay tuned in with the perspective that you are building purpose.

You may be looking at a room of people fighting, but you can enjoy watching things unfold in meaningful ways. You can appreciate different perspectives and not get attached. Focus on hope. Focus on engagement. Focus on the common good.

Suppose people don’t hear you or value your opinion. It doesn't matter. You're not trying to be right. You don't have to convince anyone. It would help if you stayed true to your intention. The minute you need to justify your perspective or appeal to others, you dampen your power. Your resolve is an inner strength, and it is inside you. Don't pin it to or peg it to people or circumstances outside you. 

Your perspective has value if you are true to it. Precariously hinging your positive momentum into a room of conflicting perspectives will drain you. You have the power to float inspiration into the room. It only takes one person. 

Look for harmony, and you will be inspired into action—people who are ready to hear you will hear you at the right time. 

Mindfulness and law of attraction are both tools to help you on this journey.

So be careful not to isolate comments that irritate you and replay them in your head. Consider that it's not right or wrong, but it's a perspective. You don't need to change anyone's mind or mould the room in your favour. You can’t complain and expect a miracle, but you can elevate people's energy and vitality around shared wellness. Now miracles can unfold. 

You are in a good place to watch all that is unfolding without having to know all the details or voice your opinion. You can run with it seamlessly. You can find your stability at any time, and you don't depend on other people's opinions, views or actions.  The influence is mighty when it lines up your good vibrations of hope. 

So much stability and power are already here buried beneath the conflict. There is much more harmony in this group than you realize, be open to it. Together this group of conflicting opinions can find shared purpose.

Some subjects will be easier for you than others because some of your opinions cling to outside circumstances to work out the way you want. As long as you need things to work out in your favour, you lose sight of your inner guidance. Just look for the easiest way to feel good and follow that feeling. Trust that you are lifting your vitality, and this will reveal a hidden perspective that benefits everyone.

Don't focus on what you can see- a group of fighting people talking about deficiencies. Focus on what you can't see, the harmony and purpose you want to create. 

All the people you want to influence, guide or boss around don't feel good when you push them towards your outcome. You can’t convince or cajole other people into making you happy.

As a keynote speaker, I often say, satisfaction only comes from good feelings. Outcomes come later. Your goal is to help lift people and focus on shared good feelings and purpose. You don't have to mould an outcome. You can find that once you lift everyone's energy and belief. Believe more in hope, prosperity, positive outcomes than in conflict. 

Enjoy the journey towards bringing this diverse room together. Lay the foundation, let the vision form, things will unfold on purpose. Satisfaction and harmony is an ongoing feeling you need to continue to nurture.

If you feel inspired, guide this room with some positive direction. Just don’t be attached to the results. In the midst of conflict, people may not hear you. If you can reshape your perspective of everyone in this room and the conflict you experience, you will more easily make positive change.

It’s not about them; it's about you. Once you’ve elevated your perspective, new positive solutions will emerge. This may not happen in this room full of conflict, but it will unfold later. 

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