How to Break Up with Negative Thoughts

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It's a wonderful day when you feel hopeful and optimistic. The zest and enthusiasm you feel inside will propel you through your day. You will feel good. 

Your good vibes will spread throughout you and permeate the environment. If you feel excellent, nobody can get you down. Nothing can stomp on your mood.

Bad news can​'​t get you down.

Cranky people can​'​t get you down.

The economy can’t get you down.

You are flying high, and You control your good vibes because these feelings are inside you. You can skim over stress and find your joy. 

What a great day it is! What you may not realize is your predominantly happy thoughts are keeping your spirits high. You want to keep these good vibes flowing.

If you want to maintain these good feelings, which you do, it will help you if you can stay away from certain topics with certain people. If you go to lunch with someone where you routinely complain about your job, you will want to eat with someone else or talk about something else. 

Unless you have built a reservoir of enough good feelings and enough positive momentum inside you- these relationships or conversations could bring you down.  

If you are flying high with good feelings and flying low with bad feelings, you are not on the same frequency. It's better, simpler, easier to stay away from them. As a keynote speaker I'm always surprised at how many people want to defend negative thoughts and feeling bad.

If you have had a day that has beaten you and nothing has gone your way, you may be overall disappointed. You are susceptible to more negative emotions.

When you didn’t get that deal signed, and you were counting on it, it made you feel bad. Now you have magnetized a thought that leads to more disappointment. 

You will be tempted to go back to these feelings of defeat. 

You will be tempted to analyze and tear the problem

You will be tempted to complain about it to others.

You may doubt yourself, you may doubt your colleagues, and you may doubt your future. As long as you stay on this topic, it will deplete you. Through your repetitive thoughts, you are reinforcing fear and worry. 

You have two options:

Distract yourself and think about something else. Later once you feel better, you can use a more buoyant, allowing perspective to return to the challenge.


Or you can actively reframe the problem to look for opportunities. It will take consistently going back to the problem and pouring positive, optimistic, hopeful, kind, appreciative ( forward-moving) thoughts all over the problem. These powerful solution-oriented thoughts are giving you some wiggle room to move forward. 


Any positive thought will work for you as long as it feels good and gives you relief. 


You may not have noticed yet, but certain topics are depleting you and holding you back. 

Any job or relationship that is not going your way could easily become your focus- and by focusing on them, you continually feel worse.


Focus on:


People who are upset or cranky

Having too much work

Not having enough resources


These topics could be absorbing your attention like a sponge.  The longer you think about them, the more you go back to these polarized thoughts. You activate them, and they grow stronger. 


It’s depleting you. It’s holding you back. You are using your past to hold up your future. Whats depleting isn’t the circumstances. It’s your need to complain about, think about and worry about these topics. 


Thinking about a lack of resources is depleting you.

Complaining about your leadership is depleting you

Fear of your future is depleting you


It's stomping on your good vibes. The more you return to these depleting thoughts, the more activated and potent they become.


The intense negative feeling you have for your difficult colleague gets worse the longer you think about their faults. 


The longer you complain about your difficult job, the more difficult it becomes. You are creating a strong negative momentum. It would help if you had a break. Break up with these thoughts

Fear is holding you back.

Anger is holding you back.

Worry is holding you back.


Stop thinking about these things because every time you do, you are holding up your future.

The strong negative momentum you create from these toxic thoughts keeps you stuck.


It would help if you had relief. Where do you get it? Just get your direction right. It would be best if you moved forward, and you cannot do that by regurgitating your fears. 


Happiness will give you relief.

Gratitude will give you relief.

Kindness will give you relief.


What about those negative topics that are a part of your job? They pay you to take care of them, and you can't ignore them. 


True, you have to think about these conflict and work challenges but not with fear, not with worry and not with doubt. 


It will take time and focus, but if you can steadily throw positive thoughts and energy at those subjects, you will find relief. You will even start to realize it’s your perspective; it’s your thoughts that are holding up progress.


Grab a more uplifting perspective, and it will reveal:


Irritating policies are opportunities to grow

Cranky people are revealing your strengths

A poor economy means pent up demand, hope and optimism for the future.


Doesn’t that feel better? Now you can move forward. 


You only move forward in life when you feel good and decide to broaden your perspective with a positive thought. 


Conflict, negativity and doubt always hold you back. Go forward, feel good- your future is waiting.

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