Public Speaking Tip: How Humour Helps You Learn

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Humour is an often overlooked tool when it comes to remembering information. Whether you’re a student trying to remember facts for a test, a salesperson preparing for a presentation, or anyone needing to recall important information, humour can be used to aid in memory recall. 
Humour helps to create an emotional response, preventing your brain from forgetting key information.
Studies have shown that memorizing facts increases one’s ability to recall them when it is associated with humour, so why not use this tool to your advantage?
Let’s look at how humour can help in a sales presentation. A salesperson has to be prepared with a long list of facts and figures showing their products and services in the best light. This can be tedious, so it may help to inject some humour into the presentation. Adding jokes or funny stories can lighten the mood and make the content more engaging and memorable. 
For a motivational speaker the use of humour will also help to establish rapport with your audience. Injecting comedy into your communication will make people more open and receptive to your message.
When people are relaxed, they are more likely to remember your points, as opposed to feeling intimidated or bored.
Humour can also be used to help people remember the key points of a presentation.
A light-hearted story that is relevant to the subject can help your audience remember the key messages in a more memorable way. 
So next time you’re getting ready for a presentation or trying to remember something important, consider adding some humour! It may seem like a small detail, but it can make a huge difference in memory recall. It’s an easy, yet powerful tool that can help you maximize your impact.

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