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I just got off the phone with a client who has been hit with tough times. Their budget was slashed, and now they can't move forward with a keynote speaker.

I get it. This global pandemic has ripped apart most business plans and thrown a wrench in everyone's future. I always remind clients the most important thing people need in tough times is an inspiration. We need hope. Sometimes our leaders can give us this and sometimes it needs to come from someone else—a new fresh perspective.

The keynote speaker is one of the most important decisions you’re going to make for your event. A virtual keynote speaker sets the tone and theme for your event. It is someone who adds value to your events and makes them more engaging for the audience. The entire tone of your event is set by the person you chose as your guest speaker. There is a saying, “Words are free. It's how you use them that may cost you.

Let’s dive into some details on how a virtual webinar keynote speaker can help your event and make it a success:

  1. Changing Perspective

Words have the power to move people. A seasoned keynote speaker has the power to change people’s perspectives through their presentation. With those changing perspective, they create space for new ideas so that people can expand their horizons and broaden their thinking. A keynote can also make complex ideas seem easy to understand, allowing the audience to see things more clearly. When audiences are faced with consistent bad news, they need new mental concepts to help soothe difficult times. We really want our teams to face uncertainty with a sense of resilience. It doesn't mean they will be tough on themselves and others. Instead, it's pulling together as a team. It takes an outside perspective to shake up a culture.

A keynote speaker lifts an audience and builds a new perspective.

  1. Bringing Energy into The Crowd

Reality check – not everyone attending your event expects to have a great time. While some might be hopeful, others might be sceptical. In that case, hiring a professional keynote speaker can build energy within the crowd and change their mindsets. Actually, everyone expects to get something different from an event. Some people carry high expectations, and others set the bar low. Either way, you need to unite the room.

If the economy and dwindling resources have beaten up an audience, they will be deflated. Einstein said energy going in one direction tends to continue in that direction. As negativity picks up steam in your culture, it can become the norm. A few negative people can infect a whole group. Events are the right time to break apart negative silos, remind people of what's good about their work and infuse a positive attitude.

Make People Laugh

Laughter creates a magical, invisible bond. It brings people together. It also obliterates tension and knocks apart heavy egos.

Mark Twain once said Humor is humanity’s greatest blessing. A Funny Motivational Speaker can energize the audience and immediately turn things around in your favour. Did you know? More than 60% of corporate business owners think hiring a public speaker contributes significantly to the success of an event.

  1. Connectivity

People attend a session with a certain level of expectation in their mind. They want to hear things they can relate to. I am a women public speaker, and I believe I can relate to women more than any other group of individuals. Once you start being more relatable to them, the audience will be more engaged and participate better.

A keynote speaker, particularly a female keynote speaker, can change people’s perspective. Hiring a female keynote speaker can help your audience connect more with the event. When you hire a female keynote speaker, it's to balance the energy in the room. Some audience prefers male keynote speakers as they remind them of who they are.

It allows the other 50% to see that you care about them. A female keynote speaker will encourage woman to feel inspired by the idea that they can achieve goals in their life.

  1. Shows Your Investment

One corporate executive told me employees think that the executive staff loves sitting up in their castles and just minting money at the expense of their workers. You need to change that perception, and by investing in the well-being and upkeep of your employees, you will be able to do just that. We rarely hire people just for their skill; we hire them for their attitude. Some teams start with a good attitude, and stress starts to weigh on them and bring them down. Regular attitude boosters can help. Shaping a more positive congruent perspective is even better.

We've all heard the saying; people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. This is especially true in organizations. People are there for more than a paycheck. They need to know their leadership cares and is willing to invest in them.

Think about your keynote speaker as a part of your team. Make sure you share with them the agenda and any critical items involved. Share with them your event theme. A great speaker can weave this theme into their motivational speech.

So, there you have it. Four reasons why hiring a keynote speaker can help your event. Remember, a good public speaker needs to be eloquent and funny. If your audience needs inspiration, then you give them an experience they remember for life.

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