Guilt is You Looking for Permission

10-2Feel-Good Habit #1- Guilt is You Looking for Permission

When you do things out of obligation it feels draining. It's because you're not lining your intention up with what you are doing.

Instead, you are forcing yourself into action because you need someone else's permission or approval.

Doing it out of guilt means you are not lining up with your own reasons to do something. You are doing it to please someone else. The trouble with that is most people have their own agenda and mixed emotion, there is no way to get others to consistently approve of you.

Line up with your own reason for doing something before you do it.

Dont fake it, feel it. (2)Feel-Good Habit #2- If you want to go beyond where you are at, you need to imagine something bigger.

You can’t get fresh insight by looking at old results. Instead, give it over to hope, possibility and belief. These are feelings, not goals. They are your inner wisdom.

Rational thought is not enough to inspire. Those thoughts are recycled from previous experiences and marred with past results.

If you want the same results, that’s great, but you need to imagine if you're going to go beyond where you're at now.

The surprising insight will emerge when you give your thoughts rest and zoom in on inner passion.


Move any problem you have forward with steady inspiration.

Dont fake it, feel it. (3)Feel-Good Habit #3- Anger Gives You Direction. It's Your Key to Growth

Are you a people watcher? I am.

I often watch people get upset and think, what would it take for that person to feel better, or even, what’s up with that angry guy? Usually, the answers are simplistic (i.e., he should be understanding or should look on the bright side).

When I get upset, it's much more revealing. I know that the irate feeling inside is giving me direction and could help me grow.

If I catch it early enough, I can live the lesson through myself. In other words, instead of observing it in someone else, I can reveal it through myself. Incredible insight comes from self-awareness. Now when I see other people’s struggle, it deepens my perspective

All pain is tied to passion. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t get upset. It’s only hard because you want something, and you hold yourself apart from the feeling it takes for you to get it. Most people focus on action, but actually, it’s more about feeling.

It's the anger that’s holding you up, not any circumstance or person.

Nobody else can give you that feeling of relief, hope or understanding—it’s inside you.


When you see others struggle, imagine yourself in their shoes. Relate to their feelings by relating to how you would feel in those circumstances.

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