Get the Most from Hiring a Motivational Speaker

funny motivational speakerA large part of any meeting budget is hiring a motivational speaker. Given this large investment, it pays to leverage the experience as much as you can.

The ideas below will help you do this:

Hire a motivational speaker earlier rather than later. The sooner you secure your speaker the more advertising opportunities you have to promote the event and the speaker.

Leverage hiring a motivational speaker:  Ask if they can do an extra break out session or workshop, or can they Emcee some part of the event? Will they donate some books for a draw ( frame this as a promotional opportunity for a motivational speaker).

Ask the speaker to write an article for your industry publication or website

As the motivational speaker to do a short video introduction to get people excited about their speech.

Be clear in the Motivational Speaker Contract how long the motivational speaker will attend the event and how they will be involved.

Make sure the speaker will fine tune the presentation to your goals. Every audience has unique challenges that speaker should help to solve or relieve stress around.

A great keynote speaker should have a unique style, thought provoking perspective and usable content. Hiring the best motivational speaker for your event means knowing your audience and finding the message most suitable for them.

The more the motivational speaker knows about your audience, the more relevant and successful their message will be. Collect articles, industry publications, relevant policy changes that can help get to know the unique challenges of the audience. Next,  suggest people for the speaker to interview, to cater their speech to the group.

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