Feeling Fatigued? Use the Law of Attraction & Turn the New Year Around

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Feeling Sluggish? Fatigued? There may be several reasons why you feel bad. Maybe your not taking care of yourself.

-Did you eat a chocolate bar for breakfast? Of course, you feel bad. It takes a lot for your body to digest those empty calories.

-Did you not get enough sleep? Sleep is needed to rejuvenate yourself.

-Did you get some exercise? You need to. 

These are the obvious reasons you feel bad; you are not taking care of yourself.

That's on you because nobody can do this personal care routine for you. Most people already know that eating well, sleep and exercise impact them. Yet most people don't follow a consistent routine that supports these key areas of their life. 

Here's the biggest reason you may lack energy—your thoughts.

You may be chasing around thoughts that make you feel bad. If so, anything can trigger you. A negative comment. Bad news. The longer you think about things that make you angry, the worse you feel. 

Your negative thoughts are gaining momentum, the longer you think about them. They release adrenaline into the body that rips into your stress cycle. Stress has a grit, a staying power; it won't easily let go.

When you stop the negative thoughts, you stop resistance. You cooperate with your life instead of fighting it. Enjoy the good things instead of moping about in the bad ones. 

If you are caught up in anger, fear, worry or doubt, it's draining you. It squeezes out happiness.

Instead, refuel and refresh your thoughts. Allow yourself to feel good; think about things that matter to you. Good thoughts lead to more good thoughts; the chain reaction of bad thoughts stops when you introduce a positive one. Give it enough stage time, and it will grow and expand.

The law of attraction says that what we focus on expands. Think about what you don't want, and you will get more of it. Please pay attention to good things, and more good things will find their way to you.

Every single thing is in a constant state of vibration, including yourself. Vibrations of similar frequency are drawn together. Add to this; you have the ability to control your vibration. If you want something, begin vibrating at the frequency of the thing you want.

Success is a high frequency; prosperity is a high frequency. Love and appreciation are a high frequency. Conflict and negativity are not.

Are your thoughts about creating a good life and good experiences? Or are they simply reacting to what life throws at you? Why do you want to endure negative emotion? 

Raise your vibration by finding a better feeling place. Elevate your perspective to align with possibility.

Once you feel positive about one area of your life, you can experience that in any area of your life. 

Most of the time life causes us to focus on the things we don't want. When things don't go your way, you put a lot of attention to it. When things do go well, you gloss it over and move on to the next doubtful thought. 

Shift your worry to appreciation. You spend a lot of time focused on what you experience( analyzing it or judging it)  rather than experiencing it. Stop trying. Start appreciating. 

When somebody does something that you don't like-  focus on what you do like, you didn't come here to live somebody else life. Live your own.

Whatever you do, massage your thoughts into a better feeling place. Think thoughts that feel good. You can have 5 things go well, and one thing go wrong. What gets your attention? Conflict. You will want to dig into it and justify your reaction. It's just not worth it because you're missing out on the good feelings of what does go well—your robbing yourself of joy. 

Set your attention on stuff that does go well. Bask in it. It's not just a pretty picture to post on Instagram. Its a feeling. It's not something you have to try to capture and control or hold onto. Appreciation is a feeling. Feel happy about what goes well in your life and appreciate it as long as you can. 

If you're not used to appreciating things, I'll tell you what it feels like. Appreciation is a light, buoyant feeling. It spreads as you focus on it. All you need to do is create a routine. Look for positive aspects of your life, continue to count your blessings.

Look for reasons to feel good and good feelings will expand inside you.

Do this enough, and you build stamina, clarity, vitality and creativity. It would help you a lot if you stopped reacting to everything that goes wrong in life and bask in everything that goes right.

Most of the time, you may be identifying what you don't like in life. Getting upset over it, trying to solve it. You lose sight of what you do want. And stress keeps depressing your vitality. You're putting too much emphasis on what you don't like. You're not in harmony with yourself. 

Your desire wants more. Your ambition wants more. You want more, but you keep asking for less. It's depleting you. It's exhausting. 

Keynote Speaker Wayne Dyer said you have to believe it before you see it.

For instance, I'm going to guess you hate traffic. And when you get upset about it- it makes you feel bad. Stewing around in it complaining about it makes you feel worse. 

There are things about your spouse that irritate you. The more they consume you, the worse you feel about him. He doesn't stand a chance even if he changes. Unless you change your thoughts, you'll never be able to appreciate him. 

Guide your thoughts at early subtle stages before they gain momentum. Take a thought that doesn't feel good and massage it until it feels better. And spend more time appreciating your life.

Let your feelings be your guide. You have to look beneath what you physically see and reveal the joy in it. Stress reacts to things that go wrong. Appreciation reveals good things. They are different. One is creating; one is reacting.

Also, stop looking for loveable people to love. Feel love just because. Talk yourself into feeling good about you. Ditch the beliefs you drag around that don't serve you. 

Trust life. You don't have time to waste on negative thinking or emotions. It only creates more of what you don't want. 

It's not possible to be stressed and happy at the same time. It's not possible to be worried and joyful at the same time. It isn't possible to hate and love simultaneously- even if you're a lawyer.

Also, have fun. Do things that you like. Deprivation will never get you what you want. There is no virtue in sacrifice. Stop postponing Joy.

Don't give negativity and stress power by giving them your attention. You create your thoughts, and they are powerful. 

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