Feel Good Habits by Women Motivational Speakers

10Feel-Good Habit #1- Joy is not a Goal, it's a Feeling.

Everybody wants happiness, success, love, opportunity or hope (it's usually the only reason we do anything). These can be goals, but more importantly, they are feelings that you have right now -when you focus on them in the present moment.

Bliss is a state of being that doesn't require effort. Bliss will show you that everything you want to be, you already are. The only thing required is for you to step into that being.

From time to time, stop hustling for results and be. Insight springs forward from a state of being that will tell you that you are trying too hard.

8-2Feel-Good Habit #2- Life is Happening Through You, Not to You.

The way you know how well you are living your life is by the way you feel.

You are meant to continually replenish through your bliss instead of reacting to life's stress. Happiness is a state of being; it doesn't require effort.

Happiness wants you to bliss out on it more often.

266420416_655524045789123_484599117783116748_nFeel-Good Habit #3-Fear hold you back, it's tied to survival.

Fear is designed to help keep you alive and it's very good at it. Fear is tied to survival and holds you back to protect you.


Check your fear against reality and you may discover that the fear is not real. Ask yourself, what's the worst thing that can happen?

Remember the only way you can fail is if you give up.

6-3Feel-Good Habit #4-Reward and punishment is manipulation not inspiration.

When you were young, what were you taught was right or wrong? Can you still see this pattern in your actions and behaviours now?

This is the power of your beliefs; they inform your actions and create your life. But is it your belief or someone else's beliefs you are living out today?

Lean on inspiration or belief. No amount of reward or punishment is as valuable as knowing yourself. 

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