Emotional Intelligence and the Workplace

Emotional intelligence is a key factor in the success of a company. It powers the ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and manage conflicts. With it, your employees become more resilient and better equipped to handle disasters, both big and small. They will learn to empathize with others, reason through issues, and navigate difficult social situations.


Developing emotional intelligence requires an understanding of the intersection between cognition and emotion. It calls for the cultivation of important skills such as stress management, resilience, motivation, communication, and empathy. All these traits help your people achieve greater contentment and happiness in their work and personal lives by allowing them to make smarter decisions that account for their feelings as much as facts.


Navigating through the business world requires your employees to connect with diverse individuals and embrace change. Vital to successfully dealing with these interactions is having an emotionally intelligent disposition.


Motivational keynote speakers are invaluable when it comes to introducing concepts of emotional intelligence into corporate culture. They can teach your employees how to better understand themselves, work with others, and make decisions designed for the greater good. They will also provide tools for self-reflection and strategies for building strong relationships. Ultimately, a virtual speaker who is an expert in emotional intelligence can help people cultivate a deeper level of self-awareness, which leads to a greater understanding of their emotions and how they can be used for positive outcomes.

Motivational keynote speakers can also help companies foster stronger team dynamics and create an open environment for collaboration. Introducing the concepts of emotional intelligence into the corporate culture can help your employees gain valuable insights on how to work together more effectively. Such knowledge can promote successful outcomes for your business, as teams that understand each other and collaborate on meaningful tasks become more productive.


Motivational keynote speakers can also help companies prepare for the future by providing insights into the changing dynamics of modern workplaces. By understanding the impact of emotional intelligence on these dynamics, companies can position themselves to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive.


About The Author:

Fed up with living a mediocre life, Jody decided she wanted a memorable one instead. Her unyielding ambition fuelled her into the world of stand-up comedy, a place where she learned to roll with the punch lines and turn lifes lemons into delicious lemonade.

Jody has been a motivational speaker for over 25 years and participates in over 100 events per year.

Her mission is simple, to eagerly empower worn-out professionals with humor, hindsight, and hallelujahs. She firmly believes its not what you do that matters- its how you feel about what you do. Jody Urquhart delivers uplifting, engaging motivational speeches that help professionals cultivate a much-needed blissful can-do attitude towards fun and meaningful work.

Every keynote is a stepping stone towards building the work-life you have always wanted.

She is the author of BLISS OUT. A tongue-in-cheek insight into how to find joy.


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