Don't Let Labels Hold you Back

Bliss Out Templates (25)-2Labels can easily become stereotypes and hold us back.

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When you suggest good behaviour it also reminds people of bad ones.
They get to decide which direction they want to go.

Labelling good and bad behaviour can become complicated. It’s because you really can’t control people.

They get to decide their perspective based on a lifetime of experiences. One simple sign or rule can’t compete with a lifetime of familiarity.

It’s far better to inspire people. Help people see the value in your ideas and feel good about them instead of trying to get them to comply.


When you decide to call out something—an ideal or behaviour—as good or bad, always consider its opposite first. You may choose not to say anything at all.

Bliss Out Templates (24)-2Feel- Good Habit #2-Let Inner insight clarify your path.

Does something consistently irritate you? A person, circumstance or policy? Inside that irritation is a great lesson.

What’s the lesson? To find it, don’t analyze it or slice it and dice it. Instead, feel it.

Just listen to the irksome feeling without judgment. It may reveal you're holding your life up with critical thoughts.


Listen to what even the slightest irritation is telling you. Just observe it. Once you start to feel better, inner insight will clarify your path.

Bliss Out Templates (32)-1Feel-Good Habit #3-Being Hard on Yourself Shuts Down your Ability to Grow From your Experience.

Are you a high achiever? It means you have tremendous ambition and passion. It causes you to set high expectations for yourself and others.

Expectations are mostly based on assumptions and don't usually consider circumstances that you can't control. When things don't go as planned high expectations can cause you to be hard on yourself and others. It shuts down your ability to learn and grow from your experiences.

Have you been hard on yourself in any area of your life recently? If so, skip a beat and recognize the uncontrollable circumstances that are not your fault. Now just give yourself the benefit of the doubt for a while.

Bliss Out Templates (33)-1Feel-Good Habit #4

You can't heal stress by being hard on yourself or others.

The role stress plays in your world is to defend your position and protect you. It makes it difficult to understand and relate to others because you can't relate to yourself.

A single moment of self-compassion can relieve stress and turn your day around. Compassion turns on the learning centre in your brain and allows you to grow.

When you feel irritated, take a time out. (It works for children, it works for adults too😂). If you let stress go unchecked it will gain momentum and throw off your whole day. Instead, take a breather and recognize it has been a hard day and you ( and others) are just doing the best you can.


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