Don't Fake it, Feel It

1-2Feel-Good Habit #1- Don't Fake Happiness, Feel It.

Happiness is a state of being. It's not something you pretend to be, it's something you are. If you removed all doubt created by future goals (of potential happiness) you would be in the happiness inside you now.

When you fake happiness you are not doing it for yourself, you're doing it for someone else. Happiness is never about anyone or anything else, it's simply a feeling inside you that will flourish when you bliss out( be in it ) in the present moment.

Happiness is not a future goal, it's a feeling inside you now. Take your goals out of your future and unravel their bliss in you right now.

2-2Feel-Good Habit #2- You Express Happiness Into an Experience.

Happiness that flows through you into your experiences will immerse you in your life. It's not the life you set goals and wish to have but the life you have.

Happiness expressed in your experiences will make sure you are getting the most out of your life.


Focus on feeling good about everything you do while you do it. It's not an act, performance or a goal; it's a feeling. Stop assessing your life and start living it. Now.

3-2Feel-Good Habit #3- Who you are is bigger than who you portray.

Branding qualities on yourself for the world to see is marketing. Who you really are is much bigger than this. It's a powerful force inside you that doesn't need to prove itself to anyone.

Your bliss is being your best self in the present moment, it's not something you have to accomplish. It's not a goal.

Bliss is not something you have to work for, it's something you are.

Be in the present moment and you experience your bliss.

4-3Feel-Good Habit #4- Be Aware of how you Feel in the Moment.

The best way to know yourself is by the way you feel moment to moment. When you feel joy, satisfaction or ease you are being in happiness in the present moment.

When you feel irritated, distracted, or worried it means you left the present moment and are rummaging around in the past or projecting onto the future. None of this is now.

Be here now and you will glimpse an awareness of your real self

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